Fat Taylor Swift Praises Kenyan Warlord While Bashing Everyday Working White People

I can’t believe it. Fat Taylor Swift called friendly shitposters, disgusting. Once this hampplanet hit the wall and started packing on pounds, she turned into a real fat feminist bitch. I hope her record sales continue to slum. Get woke, go broke you fat slut!

The pop star talked about a range of topics in the Rolling Stone interview, including her career and personal life. At one point, the interviewer asked her thoughts about the time a white-supremacist site suggested the singer was “on their team.”

“I didn’t even see that, but, like, if that happened, that’s just disgusting,” Swift said. “There’s literally nothing worse than white supremacy. It’s repulsive. There should be no place for it.”


She’s an idiot who just repeats whatever her handlers tell her to say.


Ya know, I really hate to say it but at the rate she’s going it would be terrible if she went tits up due to an OD in some Hollywood bathroom and her corpse was gang banged by black kangz.

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No big deal. She is fat and barren so we win.

She really let it go huh


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We need to bring back harems, especially for male leaders. When the financial system implodes, this will become self-evident and self-correcting. God has no qualms or reservations about male polygamy. Indeed, in my opinion, women are (in-the-main) parasitic, except as helpers to males.

She was absolutely gorgeous, but she is now hitting the wall hard and doing and saying anything to remain relevant because she is truly untalented.

She really has aged like the finest milk.



LOL. I was never a fan of Taylor Swift, but this is taking being delusional to a whole new level. WTF? This fat ham-beast does not resemble Taylor Swift in the least?!

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Is this for real? She really does look like that now? Holy crap if that is true! Yikes! I am embarrassed for her!


DANG! Taylor Swift friggin blew up! My wife didn’t even get this fat when she was pregnant 3 times! That girl needs to lay off the food for a while. She has been on a diet of nothing but fat pills apparently. What a shame. No wonder she is a seething leftist now. She hates herself and needs to channel her self hatred on everyone else. Lose the poundage fatty!

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Back in my day we would call those thunder thighs. She would also be known as tons of fun.

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She should be obsessed with NutriSystem instead of politics. She could be a balloon in Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.

almost like photoshop