Fat Moron Michael Moore Says Prayer 'for the Overthrow of Wicked' President Trump

President Trump can work miracles. He’s made raging leftists find religion.

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore used a Biblical scripture to attack President Donald Trump, quoting from Psalm 10’s “Prayer for the Overthrow of the Wicked.” Moore was responding to the ICE raids that took place across the country over the weekend, targeting criminals with final deportation orders.

“There’s really no better day than the Christian Sunday to round up the poor and working poor, those without the white skin, and remove them from our midst,” the Fahrenheit 11/9 filmmaker wrote in a social media post on Sunday.

From there, Moore offered his followers Psalm 10’s “A Prayer for the Overthrow of the Wicked,” implying Trump as the persecutor.

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Well, he actually is being a hypocrite isn’t he?

Reminds me of a few people here I know!

Using a biblical quote to rally a bunch of atheists and non-believers… yep, sounds like a great idea ya mushy marshmallow bastard.

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LoL. Who’s he praying to? A bucket of hot wings?

Since Moore is morbidly obese, I have a feeling my prayers will be answered before his.

If it’s Wing Stop, that’s not a bad idea…:rofl:

He’s a caricature of limousine liberal. I always get a chuckle from his outbursts.

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I forgot that Michael Moore even existed until I saw this thread. I wish you hadn’t reminded me.

I didn’t know Moore was still a thing.

Maybe he wasn’t and he’s hopping onto the crazy train to regain relevance.


He crawls out of his hole once or twice a year to get attention.

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What a giant a$$hole, along with pig face Rosie .

send him back to where he came from

The man could blow a ventricle at any time.