Farmers Praise Trump After Tariffs Lead to Boost in Demand for US Crops


Tariffs are having a positive effect.




This is a really positive development. If you have any jarred minced/chopped garlic in your fridge right now chances are highly likely that it came straight from China…and is terrible for you. Throw it away ASAP and buy American garlic, which should be much easier to find now.

“Free trade” has become a mantra of sorts to promote various governments in the world to encourage imports instead of protecting their own agricultural/manufacturing sectors.

Why shouldn’t the government protect its own farmers?
“Free trade” benefits the huge multinational corporations at the expense of local farmers and manufacturers.

True free trade wouldn’t have lobbyists giving one company an unfair competitive advantage over another.

Plastic Rice Making in China

Anecdotal’s won’t put a smile on the pig.

I wonder if anything makes you happy? Are you really that self loathing that projection of everything you hate about yourself must be on Trump? You sound like a sore loser more than anything!

I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving dinner Monte, and that you try to be thankful for what you have. Hope your holiday is filled with much joy with your family and loved ones!

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If you have TDS, skip this post.


I figured on deflection…

What do you call money that is seized from US businesses and residents by the US government? I call it taxes, Trump calls it tariffs.


I agree with your premise and I hate Trump for selling out his base to MIGA, but there is more going on here. For example, if other countries, like China, decide to counter our tariffs with their own we could always just do what China does to everyone and basically have the government buy the goods for their production price +14% or so and dump them on the open market via a third seller who would essentially get them for free to resell into the global supply chain at no cost. Like some African or South American country.

This would fuck with China like nothing else. It would not only threaten their internal trade by allowing goods to enter their markets via third parties with no obligation to not accept free shit from the US, it would also essentially scrub their ability to keep their products cheaper than ours on the global market as well.

Point is, this tariff game can get ugly and work out to the advantage of America…as long as those in control are willing to completely disrupt the markets (as laid out above).

At this stage of societal collapse, we need tariffs and subsidies but we need them on stuff like solar panels, cars, and other vulnerable value added goods that have already been targeted by countries like China.

As well, I would say, products with high intellectual property value. If Goods with American IP start popping out of other countries without a licenses that should equal an automatic mild tariff and a heavy government subsidy to the damaged producer for both national and international sales.

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When our economy begins to collapse in the next few months, then China’s economy will collapse even worse.

The official number on China debt is 350% of GDP, so one can only imagine what the real number actually is.

In Europe and China they’ve been slapping 80% tariffs on US cars imported, Trump has way more leverage to do the same if they don’t cut back or he can do more.
A wealthy American I knew, imported a Mercedes SUV for himself in Europe and he paid an extra $50k at customs. He had the money but to me that’s highway robbery.
Yeah, if their governments tax the hell out of US products it protects their products and that’s free tax money for the bureaucrats. The free money goes to families of the Commie generals in China who’ve become billionaires. In Europe that money goes to the connected in Brussels and their families.
No wonder they miss Obama and love the Clintons.

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Just like the big crash in 1929, all crashes are engineered.

They will engineer a crash just prior to 2020 Presidential elections, so that average folks would vote for a Dem candidate.

Anything can be used to trigger a crash, or to make it look real, be it Deutsche Bank or China.

Welcome, and come on back and elaborate…

Sounds like election interference.