Farewell 2018 - Republic Standard's very right-wing year in review


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What else is there to say? We continue to live in the Cultural Marxist dystopia, the wars in the Middle East go on, and most Western Politicians still don’t work in the interests of their nation and its citizens. There have also been rapid developments in AI technology, and the world also marked the 100th anniversary of the First World War. Terrorist attacks occur on and off; mass immigration continues unabated and global billionaires with questionable loyalty continue to buy political parties with donations.

Excellent summary - what we need to focus on in 2019 is becoming a more organized and visible force. Look at how the Yellow Vests were quickly able to mobilize and their movement resonated with so many willing to take to the streets.

The same must happen for us in 2019.

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If there is one thing that the year has taught us it is that Trump, whether he is genuine about immigration restriction or not, is probably unlikely to fulfill all of his election promises at this point. Replacement fencing and a small deployment of troops to the American-Mexican border are no substitute for a border wall, and so we are thankful at least that he has finally shut down the government as a tactic to receive wall funding.

Trump is now considering granting 700,000 work permits for illegals to get money for the wall. He is totally caving and we are only at day 10 of the shutdown. He should be doubling down and not be making any concessions. Instead we get nothing but one cucked decision after the next.

Trump has failed on the caravans and he has failed on building a wall. He has surrounded himself with too many zionists, cuckservatives, and neocons to get anything done.

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