Farage: Book burning has begun as library vows to decolonize collection

Nigel Farage has warned that the “book-burning has started” following an announcement from a university library that they intend to “decolonize and diversify” their collection of books to appease the Black Lives Matter movement.

Don’t think they aren’t not trying to do this across the globe esp. in the US they are changing " real facts" so the sheep remain clue less on false lying history that fits their communist addiction.

Watch the movie " the book of Eli" that’s where i’s coming to.

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Or simply read Orwell’s “1984” he has become a prophet to the truest sense posthumously as everything he predicted is coming true!

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Unfolding before their faces laid out to the " T " and these dumb azz m-f still deny this chit is taking place. How can some be so dam stupid.


Kelli Shrugs No longer are we only threatened from without by a group of balding hard-line Communists – we are now threatened from within – by a group of intelligent, well-dressed globalists who are convincing America and the nations of the world that the only way to lasting world peace is the establishment of a … “New World Order.”


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Just as the liberals are on a mission to silence conservative talk shows because they cannot come up with viable liberal talk shows (think the failed experiment with Air America), the liberals are now on a quest to remove freedom of speech (that does not conform to the liberal agenda) from being available in published text form.

They (the incompetent liberals) are grossly hypocritical in claiming to support free speech. They support the right to express opposing views while promoting and establishing arenas wherein there are no opposing views.

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder!

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This appeasement mentality has to stop. It is doing nothing but deepening the racial divide and promoting ignorance.

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The promotion of ignorance is what keeps the liberal movement alive. Liberals depend upon the ignorance of their voters. Truly enlightened people do not vote for radical liberals.

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They have substituted “woke” as an excuse for their ignorance and oftentimes downright stupidity.

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The Right to Free Speech can mean different things. MSM uses it to publish lies. No where does it say that the free speech has to be true.

Just remember MSM media News Shows on TV? 60-minutes fired Mike Wallace for what? The GMC fuel tank fires? Everyone of the TV News shows have had to fire people once they were found out to be portraying lies. Plenty or news reporters/journalist have been fired as well.

Fire them to make it look like things change, keep doing same stories until caught. Getting away with something for a few hundred times, get caught once, no big deal.


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…except that shouting fire in a crowded theater can result in civil suits against the shouter if it was a lie and the plaintiff was injured in the resulting stampede.

There are also libel and slander laws which can be used to legally punish lying both in speech and text.

So I’ll have to disagree with your above quoted posit.

Just as it is not generally illegal for the news media to lie, it is not arguing against freedom of the press to call them enemies of the people for lying to the public and misrepresenting the truth. The fake news media is truly a gang of dishonest, unethical enemies of the people.

Points well taken, thank you.

I’ll re-phrase: The freedom to print whatever they want, true or not.

Fake news is just a fancy name for lying.


This change would still not mean it’s totally okay for the MSM to lie.

Spoken lies are subject to laws against SLANDER.

Written and published lies are subject to laws against LIBEL.

Either way, your original posit regarding “No where does it say…” is not valid.

(BTW, nowhere is one word.) :innocent: