Far Left Activists Replace American Flag With Mexican Flag At ICE Facility

Imagine how you’d feel if America was ‘handed over’?

If anyone from the Left get elected… we’re certainly going to find out.

Foreign flags being put in place of our own is covered in Article 3 of the Constitution. Its called treason.

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Tim Pool is a monumental ■■■■■■■ This is the same idiot who wore that stupid beanie to the White House in 90+ degree weather in July. He also cucked in this vid in record time! A mob putting up their country’s flag and desecrating ours isn’t a ‘big deal.’

Fuck. This. Guy.

Nothing says you want to be American more than waving the flag of another country.

They should have been arrested for trespassing and vandalism while their citizenship status was reviewed.

I believe there’s also specific statutes relative to unlawful entry to a federal facility.