Family breakdown

So where did family breakdown(feminism) start

This mantra was glamorized (though not coined) by Gloria Steinem in the 1970s and was quickly inculcated both in Prager’s generation and those that followed. Prager rightly defines America’s new narrative, which is directed specifically to women: “You don’t need a man; you need a career. Then you’ll be happy.”

Her father was Jewish
Just cohencidence of course.

The New World Order wants to destroy family but who is working for it?

This might not be quite so funny if not for the priority Jews place on the strength of the family.

Their reverence for family is second only to their reverence for God.

You talking about reverence for God?
I sure hope it’s not the God of…

That would be the God of The Bible, shared by both Jews and Christians.

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Henry Makow doesn’t think so.
Why don’t you call him an antisemite? LOL

He’s said nothing to the contrary that I can see. Perhaps you can quote it.

Spamming the thread with the same link repeatedly isn’t helping your case any.

It doesn’t help your shobbos goy posts, either

Remember Barbara Lerner Specter?

The Swedish royal family descended from the black nobility of Venice, remnants of Carthage.

Venice = Venezia = Phoenicia
= Canaan

What the hell does that have to do with the “Family Breakdown” exactly?

And THERE is where the disconnect comes in.
For once, magog in his OP is correct. But the very values that he says (correctly) are under attack ore the Judeo-Christian values which he himself attacks for other reasons. In so doing, he actually helps promote the very attacks on the family that he is concerned about.

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What exactly does that have to do with the “Family Breakdown”?

Breakdown of family
Breakdown of nation states

all stemming from the same source

Keep Jews out of education, so that they won’t poison the minds of the young.
— Ezra Pound

Quit derailing threads with your idiotic nazi conspiracy theories.

Someone flag this idiocy I’m out of them.

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Dad worked. Mom took care of the house. My childhood was idylic. I got everything I needed; especially learning to be honorable. By 16 years old, I was mature enough to enlist in the Navy. Show me a bad point.

There’s not a thing wrong with that arrangement, no bad point to highlight. Other arrangements can and have produced the same or better results as well.

This comes up routinely in threads about the breakdown of the traditional family structure.

Amazing things can come out of the most catastrophic circumstances. There are always exceptions to the generalization.

Statistically, and in spite of exception counter examples, the intact family consisting of a married (MARRIED) mother and father is far more likely (statistically) to produce ideal children. And the further a family diverges from that model, the more likely (statistically) the children raised in alternative models will encounter a host of social ills – from drugs, to high school dropout, to crime, to teen sex, to teen pregnancy, to sexually transmitted diseases, to suicide, to poverty, etc.

There isn’t a legitimate study out there that doesn’t point out this paradigm.

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