Falconist Party

The Falconist Party combines the ideas of both the right and left to take America upward


What does that even mean? If that’s your way of introducing a new political party you might want to provide a little bit more detail than that. Give a quick rundown.

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What ideas of the left and the right has the Falconist Party combined?

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The Falconist Party is for the following

  • The Flat-VAT-FAT tax plan
  • A budget that pays down the national debt
  • Replacing the federal reserve with a USG owned and operated Bank of the United States (BOTUS)
  • Rebuilding and expansion of infrastructure
  • A single-payer system of education from Preschool to Graduate School
  • Universal health vouchers
  • Revival of the WPA
  • Creation of a US Green Brigade
  • Creation of a US Youth Brigade
  • Turn social security into a Flexicurity system
  • Increasing the number of first responders
  • Tougher laws, judges and prosecutors
  • Prisons that rehabilitate as well as punish
  • Universal Military Training
  • Mandatory National Service
  • Achieving energy independence By All Means Necessary
  • Outlawing of abortion
  • Enacting pro-family policies
  • increase legal immigration and assimilation
  • crackdown on illegal entry
  • Reviving both rural America and our cities
  • reforming the government
  • Annexation of all of North America by the USA
  • A robust program of space colonization


Let me know if it gets off the ground, many will want a new country.

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I don’t think it’s all bad. There is a good amount of stuff in there that I would support. Coming from the perspective of someone who lives in Alaska, I’m not too keen on the annexation of North America. That’s asking for problems especially when you look at how messed up Canada is right now and the absolute state of Mexico. The US has its own problems to solve. Annexation would make things harder, not easier. I would rather see the US divest itself from places like Puerto Rico, Guam, and the rest of the territories that do nothing but suck up resources. If we annexed Mexico we would have the same problems that Puerto Rico gives us except on a massive scale.

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The official colors of the FP will be red, white and blue

To represent us on the Electoral Map were tooling at the following colors and see which one represents us best


Most conservatives are on board with the above.

Not sure what you define as “tougher laws”. The laws we have are fine as far as I am concerned. They just need to be enforced.

The rest of the list I am not so sure about until I understand what exactly it means.

As far as tougher laws go, we’re talking making the penalty stiffer for breaking the law, bringing back disorderly conduct laws, bringing back vagrant law

Welcome here…:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Again, those laws already exist. Perhaps you are asking for the enforcement of such?

Actually those laws have been repealed especially in cities like DC and NYC. In fact Mayor Deblasio proudly admitted in the Democratic debate that NYC did away with stop and frisk.

We do need more rigorous enforcement of the law and judges who will keep criminals behind bars

We also need to increase the number of law enforcement officers in America from 700,000 to two million. We also need to improve the working conditions, compensation, benefits and training of all first responders

Funny, almost reads like Mein Kampf.


Bring this back to the foundation. We don’t need a police state. We need PARENTS teaching morals and values. We need communities supporting parents who teach morals and values.

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To pay for all of these pipe dreams would require an effective tax rate somewhere in the 70-80% range for the middle class.

I’m thinking that once people realize he’s promoting a fascist state it’s not likely to go over too well, particularly with the price tag.


Since when do people understand “price tag”. Currently, many are willing to sell their freedom to the government. This is just a different side of the same coin.

I don’t think it reads like Mein Kampf at all. If you think so why don’t you elaborate? Otherwise, it just seems like your attempting to derail a good discussion.

I have noticed that your posts frequently are of little to no value. If you disagree with something you can’t articulate why and have to frequently resort to insults. It’s quite pathetic, really.

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