Fairfax County, Virginia to Allow Students to Ditch School for Political Protests

Seriously…what the hell is going on in Virginia. All of a sudden there are loads of news stories coming out of the state that make it look like the whole state went nuts all at once.

If I were a betting man, I’d say this rule comes off the books the minute a Democrat gets elected as POTUS. Kids can’t smoke or drink - but they can be used as political pawns. Nice.

Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia will now allow students to skip school to attend protests.

The new policy, which will go into effect on January 27, will allow students in grades 7-12 one excused absence per year for “civic engagement activities.”

“I think we’re setting the stage for the rest of the nation with this,” Fairfax School Board member Ryan McElveen, who introduced the policy, told The Washington Post. “It’s a dawning of a new day in student activism, and school systems everywhere are going to have to be responsive to it.”

Experts told the Post that it will most likely be students skipping school for leftist causes such as climate change and gun control instead of right-wing ones.

“People who call themselves conservatives probably do still count respecting authority — staying in school — as a crucial and central tenet of the social order,” said Thai Jones, a lecturer at Columbia University who studies radical social movements.

Still, the school system claims that they will be neutral and impartial about what causes the students can cut class for.

The students will have to fill out a form two days in advance of their planned protest and explain the reason why. They will also be required to obtain permission from a parent or guardian and stop by the school at least once briefly on the day of their absence.

Someone should put that to the test. Fairfax County is completely overrun by illegals from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Students should protest the presence of these illegals and the fact that they are DESTROYING the schools and the communities all throughout NOVA.

Virginia is run by freedom hating Communists now. Thanks forced shifts in demographics via population replacement.

The leftists just want to test out the effectiveness of their brainwashing. By this point their should have created foaming at the mouth America-hating foot soldiers out of 10th graders.

The radicalization of our children starts, right before our eyes. The teachers unions are the biggest communist indoctrination machine!

Virginia is now a communist state. The enemy from within.

I think this is a great idea. Fairfax County is teaching students civic engagement, which is singularly one of the most important life lessons an educator can give to children. I applaud this.

For all of you “deep thinking” conservatives…students don’t have to take advantage of this, they can always stay in school, but having the option is great.

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The minute kids want to protest in support of the second amendment or the pro-life movement and the school denies it…lawsuits should be filed.

Well, from what I see; many students learn little in school; so let em roam around a bit; get street smart. Maybe a busted head will allow some intelligence to creep in. Most kids know little or nothing about politics; so they can be manipulated easily. Give em a toy, a new cell phone, & ya pretty much own em.

Agreed. However, I think anything below grade 10 is just exploiting the minds of children for the purposes of adult agendas.

Dems are communists in sheep’s clothing. They want to destroy America. They want to enact policy where people are herded into huge urban ghettos, with their constitutional rights stripped away. They label everything racist as a means to do it with less resistance.

This won’t end well for the Democrats. Do they really think people will stand by and let them destroy everything? There will be a tipping point, you can see it coming in Virginia.

Our schools are producing an inferior product, students who are inferior to their grade level standards in critical skills such as math and reading yet it’s a good idea to institutionalize political activism over classroom learning. :smile:

Getting students involved in politics is very positive. They’ve been released from school to go hunting and other activities, why not this???

Elections have consequences, or so I’m told…