Failing New York Times ADMITS Diversity Makes You POORER and Less Safe

They never had any evidence for their “diversity makes us stronger claim” and people simply accepted it because they’re sheep and didn’t want to be called “racist” by a bunch of sniveling limp-wristed leftists.


Honestly, what facet of the cult of diversity HASN’T been proven to be a lie?

Their entire religion is a house of cards that nobody is brave enough to blow on.


Immigrants used to have to assimilate to us. Now we have to assimilate to them. That’s where everything got fucked up.


A random collection of disaffected strangers in geographic proximity isn’t even a country. There’s no substantive sense in which, say, Ilhan Omar is a “fellow American”.

It’s much more radical than that. The talking points have now moved on to “you are a morally repulsive racist for even thinking that you had a country, a culture, or a people, or that you have any right whatsoever to consider its preservation or stability”

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This is just common sense. Nobody wants to live in a multicultural and diverse shithole. Try buying and selling real estate in one of those areas. Then try doing the same thing in a nice area.

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Everyone knows that socialist programs don’t work if you have uncontrolled immigration.

Even Bernie Sanders understands this.

AOC doesn’t get it, but she was clearly dropped on her head as a child.


I’m glad the New York Times finally cracked the code on this. It’s why I live in the neighborhood I live in and why many people who look like me make the same choice.

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How many of these damn liberals actually live in the type of neighborhoods that they want all of us to live in? Not many is my guess.

The diversity myth is so because diversity of cultures to include dysfunctional cultures is never a strength, no matter how desperately the left lies about it.

I can remember waaaay back in the early eighties (a glorious time) when I was in my twenties and spouted the liberal bs along with most of my friends. They all had these similarities:

They lived in White areas only.
All the pre-woke bs was only verbal
If push came to shove they fought allowing savages to move into their neighborhoods
When the unthinkable happened - they didn’t reach out to homie - they sold and moved ASAP.

My next door neighbors are a Black couple, older, very well mannered, and quiet. If Black neighborhoods were like that, White flight would never have started. But they aren’t, Black ‘hoods’ are scary places for Blacks as well as Whites, everyone knows it - and it isn’t because of poverty, or ‘institutional racism’.

Asians are eager to assimilate because they understand that success is in the mainstream culture. An influx of Asians makes property values rise.

By comparison, 66% of Black male teens, polled in the late 1990’s believed (I searched but could not find the source, I remember hearing it on NPR around 2000) they would find success playing for the NBA.

Very few, even today say they will become a doctor, attorney, scientist - because that’s still considered ‘acting White’.

Loutish behavior is tolerated, scholastic excellence is far less important than the musings of Lebron ‘King James’. Rap is very rarely somewhat poetic, but in the main is vile, misogynistic and celebrates the very stereotypical oversexed male thug, oh and it’s also musically vapid - thumpa thumpa muthafukah thumpa… Ray Charles singing Georgia, has been replaced by Cardi B exhoritng listeners to ‘eat my ass’.

Here, in a nutshell is why ‘diversity’ typically fails - as a large number of a group inhabit a neighborhood/school/workplace - the least productive, most edgy, and most exclusive attitudes and behaviors are reinforced. Asians are the glaring exception to this. Period. Full Stop.

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Nancy needs to take a stroll through San Francisco. Really, someone just needs to drop her off in the middle of skid row and let her find her way out without getting yuck on her shoes or hypodermic needles stuck in the soles of her shoes.

That is a positive then. If they are that stupid then (A) they couldn’t pass the courses to begin with and (B) refer back to A. :joy:

The MOST dangerous place to be at night is MLK Blvd in ANY City in the USA !!

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True enough:

Trump’s merit based immigration proposal would solve this problem.