Fading Fast West Virginia. (A drive through)

At the bottom I attached a link of what it’s like driving through West Virginia.
Some observations.

  1. Trade has purposely destroyed and continues to destroy our states and towns.
  2. You can tell by the homes, you don’t have a one income house hold anymore.
    Where the wife vivaciously stays home and makes the house look pretty.
    (Small paint jobs, plants, flowers, gardening etc…)
    Houses look like they have no up keep, but the narrator keeps saying how nice it is. Not

These are my two big take ways from this video. I’m sure as you get deeper in the woods you will see a lot more destruction of American way of life.

This towns need reparations, they need better trade deals, and not just bring back jobs, but if you don’t have a institution to bring pride back, and the American way of life, it will do no good.

The teaching of how important it is for a family, god has to be reintroduced.