Facebook just banned far-right groups Britain First, EDL and the BNP


Not only that, supporting them on the platform is now verboten, so you will lose your facebook account for your political affiliation. Waiting for liberals to remember their old mantra: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”


That only applies to other sects and factions of the left. We are all Racists, Nazis and Fascists - we are less than human and it is perfectly acceptable to attack us with force - and yet we keep taking it up the ass because of our principles. Actions speak louder than words.


Why is anyone even using Facebook anymore? If you consider yourself to be far-right it’s probably the last platform you want to be on. I’m not shocked at all.

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This just illustrates how retarded our side is. Sites like this exist where you won’t get banned and can organize in secret…but yeah let’s just use Facebook.

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I don’t want to be all ‘fucken boomers lol’ but… yeah. I’m actually ok with this move by Facebook as an accelerator, more people kicked off for their views means more people joining IRL politics. They’re trying to create (at the behest of the UK government) a society where dissent is impossible because the people cannot think in dissident ways. It won’t work. We’re already out here.


I am part of a Brexit group on Facebook and that’s how I found this site. @KVN is trying to show these idiots the light but here is what happens…every single time.



Oh man, that’s sad. I’ve been in a couple of the Tommy Robinson groups on Telegram, and these guys flip out if you point out basic realities like…

All these people achieve is to gatekeep others from reality, making their own aims impossible and shafting their own people. Sad.


I used to only read the news to get the latest happenings on Newcastle United. I was blind to reality and kept up with all the distractions that our rulers wanted us following. Then one day the light came on and I haven’t gone back to sleep since. I don’t know how we turn on the lights for the rest of our countrymen. Things are as bad as I can ever remember them being and they are only set to get worse.

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Well, you could start by sending them this

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Does that guy honestly believe that he won’t get banned if he follows the rules? :rofl:

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“If we just do what the billionaire Jews say, they might not sacrifice our children to Moloch!”

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Or realize that if a whole group can be shut down for the politically incorrect things posted by some of them, the left will be more than happy to show up, pretend to be one of them and say politically incorrect things to get them shut down?


If that’s how we react to things then fighting the left is pointless.

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Who was speaking in that video? It was wonderful! His voice sounds familiar but I can’t place it.


Jonathan Bowden, a true visionary and sorely missed.


It’s sad yet i was expecting this to happen. Telegram and Gab are okay as alternative platforms but they’re no substitute really.


The Left is now bunched up into the old extreme Left, to them the center or right of center is the old Left.

So the way the Left defines the far right is essentially being anything to the right of McGovern, and most they call the far right aren’t far right at all.

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The narrator is a guy named Ash, is that you?

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maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, who wants ta know eh