Facebook helped FBI track and arrest Tor user

This item may of interest to those of you relying on Tor and Tails for anonymity.

Tl;Dr FB helped the FBI track and arrest a user that was harassing dumb sluts. FB paid $100K+ to a security firm to create a zero-day exploit for an older version of the Tails video player app. FB then gave the FBI the 0-day hack so they could locate and arrest the harasser when he opened a ‘special’ video file that revealed his IP address when it was opened.

see: Facebook Helped the FBI Hack Harasser of Dumb Sluts

Don’t do illegal shit, people.

We need every man we can get out of jail and not living in fear of legal trouble.

How did that guy even manage to make a Facebook account with Tor? You can easily identify Tor exit nodes and I think Facebook then immediately asks for your phone number. You could also just block Tor usage altogether, which would make sense in the case of Facebook. And which would be much cheaper than six figures. So I don’t get it, what they’re writing in that article.

Sadly we live in lawless times. There are no sets of laws that you can read and go ‘ok I simply won’t do those things and I’ll be alright’. If you want to be certain that the regime won’t clamp down on you you’ll have to become a self-hating cuck but even that’s not a 100% guarantee.

It’s because Tor is intended to give free speech to people in “bad” and “illiberal” countries. You know, it’s of utmost importance that the gay community in Iran cannot be censored.

Doesn’t change the fact that they ask for phone numbers if you sign up over onion. So this guy also needed to use a disposable SMS service (that also mostly does not work with Facebook) or pay some hobo to buy a burner phone. And he somehow managed to identify the FBI’s first hacking attempt and mocked them. Was this guy using an intrusion detection system or something?

And then Facebook also has some AI or algorithm to identify fake accounts.

I’m just wondering how he did it. Sounds like this guy was some Russian-Hacker tier nerd.

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It’s of utmost importance that Israelis can pretend to be the gay community of Iran.

Mostly agree. But that isn’t the point of the post. It’s important for us to know what sort of lengths these organizations are willing to go.

Not being rabidly anti-white in the current year is enough to have social media and/or law enforcement come down on you. Just having these discussions, in their minds “should be illegal”. And in clown world, that’s all the justification they need.

We’re already beyond “Don’t do illegal shit”, in the eyes of anti-whites, our existence is illegal. Learning additional ways to protect ourselves is vital and worthwhile.


Excellent analysis. It seems that now if someone does not hate white people with every ounce of their being they are a terrorist and a non-person, worthy of destruction.

Ever wonder why BLM is not in Russia? Or any other Eastern predominantly white block country that is not beholden to the EU?

Well - there are barely any blacks in Russia for starters. What does that have to do with this thread?


As far as the thread topic, I find the targeting of Whites even when using such Apps and software is predominantly in the West and identifying sources and patterns when I look at this issue from a analytical standpoint is what got me to ask this question. If you think it’s off topic then I will respectfully decline to further this perspective.

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