Facebook Employees Are Angry and Demand More Censorship of Users

Facebook has long polarized the ranks of its own employees, and whistleblower Frances Haugen’s trove of leaked internal documents paint a vivid new picture of what this dialogue looked like behind closed doors at the social media giant.

A common theme is anger.

Employees frequently questioned just what the platform’s engagement efforts and algorithms wrought, distraught at its handling of extremist uprisings, racial justice protests and the rising tide of foreign meddling and disinformation that greeted last year’s U.S. presidential election.

Many would raise these issues as part of messy internal wrangling over Facebook’s struggles to define its policies toward followers of QAnon conspiracy theories , politicians who lie and groups that push misinformation. While some employees supported the company mission, others criticized the platform’s efforts — messages that Haugen sought to highlight in the files she copied and handed to lawmakers and regulators.

All too often, “we were willing to act only after things had spiraled into a dire state,” one departing employee wrote in August 2020 — five months before conspiracy theories fomented on Facebook helped fuel a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Here’s a sampling of what Facebookers had to say in their own words as they tangled with these topics, according to disclosures made to the Securities and Exchange Commission and provided to Congress in redacted form by Haugen’s legal counsel. The redacted versions were reviewed by a consortium of news organizations, including POLITICO.

Facebook has defended its internal message boards as part of a commitment to frank dialogue among employees and pushed back against the idea that there’s any sort of broad staff dissatisfaction with the platform. Selective leaks, according to the company, rob these robust communications of valuable context. Facebook declined to comment on how satisfied its overall workforce may be and how it views internal worker communications.

with identities redacted — they provide a rarely seen window into the company and often reflect matters of conscience bearing down on many of Facebook’s more than 60,000 workers.

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This is all just a ploy to give Facebook more censorship abilities to advance the interests of the far left.

I spoke out about something mundane a few years back - literally about keeping an all male bowling league I was a part of as all male.

I was permanently banned for “violating community standards”

Why anyone uses Facebook anymore is beyond me. Want to share photos with family and friends? Set up a group text. Simple.


Facebook is toast. They won’t be around much longer and I hope that Twitter is next. When a company tries to scrap their name amidst a scandal, their days are numbered.


I thought that their shift to Metaverse was about cornering the AR/VR market. I hate Facebook, but it is probably a smart move on their part since no one uses their site anymore.

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I don’t give a shit what Facebook employees are mad about. I’m mad that there isn’t a contest out there that would give me the chance to give each and every one of them a swift kick in the ass.


Some famous person had this analogy once, when we imagine free speech to be like a forum or like a cocktail party. If there is a person with a megaphone at a cocktail party the other guests would hardly understand each other and even then the subject of their conversations would be the people with the megaphones.

What the hell are you talking about? Facebook is the damn megaphone.

No. You aren’t understanding what I’m trying to say.

If you have a forum where people are talking, we need to ensure everyone gets to talk. It’s not ‘free’ in the sense that we need regulation to begin with. For the conversation to make sense you need to exclude certain people that derail or drown the conversation-the people with the megaphone screaming bullshit.

That’s what Facebook is trying to do.

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The people with the megaphones on Facebook are racists, anti-vaxxers, and Republicans. They need to be banned.

What do you want to do with black
Republicans lol lynch them? Lol

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Not true… those people aren’t allowed to post on fraudbook.

Just like BRAINLESS DYKES like you !!!

Soon people can use TruthSocial and forget Facebook.


First they’ve got to iron out the wrinkles……:thinking:

What a surprise Donald Trump being sued by the deep state.

No surprise whatsoever. He’s always violating the rules………

Lol… and your boy Biden is squeaky clean. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Back to Trump and once again and as usual far off topic !
Hey moron why aren’t you commenting on this administrations utter disregard for our Constitutional rights ? Why haven you condemned your party for labeling honest hard working parents TERRORIST ? Why haven you condemned the D’s for spending like they have unlimited funds at THEIR discretion ?Why haven you commented on YOUR president failing to visit the border crisis ? Why haven you condemned the D’s for once AGAIN politicizing the IRS ,FBI , and the DOJ ? Why haven you condemned the FBI for allowing Hillary to take a hammer to her cell phones destroying EVIDENCE ? Why haven you condemned on Kerry LOGAN ACT violation ? Why aren’t you whining about bitch Psaki’s Hatch Act violation ? Why aren’t you condemning Biden for leaving American in his hasty retreat ? Why haven’t you condemned the D’s for not saying the Covid came from CHINA ? Why haven’t you condemned the D’s for allowing illegals to enter the Country UNTESTED ? Why haven’t you condemned the D’s for putting the USA on the path of a massive RECESSION ?