Facebook: Bank of Zuckerberg Wants Your Crypto And Won't Pay You Interest

Do you want to open a bank account with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook?

No, me neither.

It’s bad enough that Facebook FB, +0.85% says it won’t be paying a nickel of interest on any money that customers keep in the company’s new Libra digital accounts.

But why would I want to lend my money to Zuckerberg and his pals free of charge to help them take over the world? Spare me all the talk about helping the “unbanked” and the world’s poor.

This is business. Big business.

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Why would anyone even do this? There are so many ways to send family and friends money now. My kids use Venmo which is run by PayPal. My brother uses his Gmail to send money. Anyone giving Zuckerberg a dime is an idiot.

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People could also use crypto. They don’t need Facebook handling the transaction. The entire point of crypto is that the ledger system of independent nodes doesn’t need a centralized network and processor.

Here’s a little more background:

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Ooohhh… bad boy. :rofl:

If I should ever use any payment method with any relation to Facebook my fingers will fall off.