North Carolina bill in favor of tougher riot punishments awaits governor’s signature | Fox News

Lawmakers in North Carolina approved more severe punishments for rioters for the second time in three years on Thursday – a measure created in response to destructive demonstrations in 2020 following the death of George Floyd.

House Bill 40 now awaits the signature of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, who vetoed a similar bill approved by the GOP-controlled General Assembly in 2021. Republicans gained enough seats in November to override a Cooper veto as long as one House Democrat joins them and the GOP majorities remain united.

The bill aims to protect the First Amendment rights of peaceful protestors while keeping them, law enforcement and property owners safe from violence during any riot.

Six House Democrats, including a chief sponsor of the bill, voted in support of the measure last month. In the Senate on Thursday, lawmakers passed the bill with a 27-16 vote – first-term Sen. Mary Wills Bode was the lone Democrat to vote in favor.

House Speaker Tim Moore advocated for the bill both times it was proposed, noting current laws did not deter rioting and looting in downtown Raleigh in June 2020. On Thursday, he urged the governor to sign the “commonsense bill into law without delay.”

According to The Associated Press, social justice and civil rights advocates have consistently pushed back on the measures, claiming they target Black Lives Matter demonstrators and marginalized groups by trying to frighten them from taking to the streets peacefully.

Republican Sen. Danny Britt, of Robeson County, said on the Senate floor Thursday that the bill only targets “violent actors” causing mayhem, and not those peacefully demonstrating.

Other opponents say the language is too broad and laws addressing rioting are already in place.

Sen. Natalie Murdock, a Durham County Democrat, said the bill “doubles down on the punitive system that created the scars of mass incarceration that we’re still dealing with today.” She also said it will only “stifle free speech, criminalize protest and erode our First Amendment freedoms.”

Jordan Monaghan, a spokesperson for the governor, said Cooper “has worked to increase public safety and protect constitutional rights, and he will review this legislation.” When he vetoed the bill in 2021, he deemed it “unnecessary” and said it is “intended to intimidate and deter people from exercising their constitutional rights to peacefully protest.”

The AP said the new bill would increase punishments already in place for the crimes of those willfully participating in a riot or inciting one to cover more severe circumstances like brandishing a weapon or causing serious bodily injury – possible resulting in longer prison sentences.

New crimes would be created for a rioter who caused a death or someone who incites rioting that contributes to a death. Assaults on emergency personnel would also result in higher felony penalties.

The bill would also allow property owners who experience damage during protests to seek compensation against a perpetrator equal to three times the monetary damages. We all know these scumbags live off the government tit , never work only fucking steal . Supporters said this would help small business owners whose property insurance might not cover public disturbances.

Lastly, defendants accused of rioting or looting would have to wait for 24 hours before their bond and pretrial release rules are set, which could lead to a “cooling-off period” for those accused, according to supporters.

Nine states ( why not ALL States ? )have passed similar laws since the nationwide riots in 2020, according to the International Center for Not-For-Profit Law, and the Tar Heel state is one of several currently considering new penalties for rioters.

Years ago looters were shot on sight !!! We need a law that requires a 20 year prison sentence for out -of- State rioters and 10 years for violent offenders . ANTIFA, BLM, and Mexican Cartels should be labeled Terrorist organizations and punished under the RICO ACT . Fuck the ACLU liberal trash !!!

The ACLU is currently defending child molesters, attacking school boards for using the word “Christmas,” and demanding that high schools fund clubs for homosexual students.





This seems like we’re new to this law & order stuff and are still just working out the bugs after 230 years. We have plenty of laws and if the police react before trouble gets into high gear, No Problemo! The part that isn’t working is the political bosses of cities keep the police out of action until too late to stop anything. If the Police Chief is allowed to operate normally these things would be over before they begin. The cops grab the ring leaders and drag them off to jail, and every time a new leader sticks his head up, the cops grab him and eventually the useful idiots wander back home to their basements. This is not rocket science. It’s crowd control, Crowd CONTROL. Cops know their business, let 'em loose!

Detroit didn’t suffer the BLM thing in ’22. There was one protest that ended with someone throwing a Molotov Cocktail at the rear window of a crusier. The cops chased & caught the punks, and the Chief announced that any protestors that created problems would be dealt with forthrightly and rudely. The Mayor announced the Chief was to have complete support of all of the justice system in Detroit and they’d throw the book at anyone getting out of line. They were going make sure outsiders who came to Detroit were punished as swiftly and thoroughly as possible and were keeping an eye pealed for outsiders.

There were no more incidents in Detroit while they were burning down the rest of the US. Go figure.

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It’s happening right in front of our eyes. It is a prelude to the Big Brother state where criticizing Israel and Zionists will be considered antisemitic and thus punishable by law.

One of the first laws the Bolsheviks enacted after the Russian Revolution made antisemitism punishable by death. (Bolsheviks themselves were Joos. Go figure)

Something like 2 million were murdered by Stalin, and he had one two day period in which 33,771 were killed. While that may be a poor second to Hitler, it’s still pretty bad.

Alexandr Solzhentsyn said 66 million Christians were murdered by Bolsheviks. Stalin’s Georgian name is “Son of Joo.” Go figure.

2 million? You propose to lecture people here about being an astute observer about history? LMAO!

Try over 20 million!

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Total death toll: 270,000

Hitler may have caused a lot war casualties, but there was no such thing as “gas chambers” which is a myth created in 1950s.

Hitler never wanted a total war with Britain and that’s why he let 400,000 British troops retreat back to Britain instead of eliminating them at Dunkirk in 1940.

Hitler was a bumbling idiot, not a mass murderer.

So, now you’re a Holocaust denier and a Hitler apologist?

Holocaust denier for many years, but I’m calling Hitler an idiot.

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After taking power in the 1920s, Joseph Stalin killed at least 9 million people through mass murder, forced labor, and famine, but the true figure may be as high as 60 million.

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I mentioned somewhere that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who himself was thrown into one of the gulag camps, said 66 million “Christians” were murdered by the Bolsheviks, who were none other than Joos, Stalin being one of them.