‘Extremely Alarming’: Leftist Journalists Are Worried About Trump Allies Digging Up Their Old Tweets

They are finally getting a taste of their own medicine and they really don’t like it. The left wasn’t planning on their own tactics being used against them. The level of butthurt is tremendous.

Some journalists are irate over a New York Times story about allies of President Donald Trump collecting damaging information on reporters from “news organizations deemed hostile” to the president.

This is “the latest step in a long-running effort by Mr. Trump and his allies to undercut the influence of legitimate news reporting,” according to the article. It adds that the group responsible has previously released information about journalists from The Washington Post, NYT and CNN, “three outlets that have aggressively investigated” Trump.

“This is an extremely alarming piece and should worry anyone who cares about independent journalism,” Lydia Polgreen, editor-in-chief of Huffpost, tweeted. Polgreen previously worked at the NYT.

A CNN spokesperson replied in the NYT article that when “those working on their behalf, threaten and retaliate against reporters as a means of suppression, it’s a clear abandonment of democracy for something very dangerous,” CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted.

Patrick Healy, a NYT politics editor, called it an “orchestrated operation by allies of the White House to attack journalists by manipulating & exaggerating information.”

“This represents an escalation of an ongoing campaign against the free press. For years the president has used terms like ‘fake news’ and ‘enemy of the people’ to demonize journalists and journalism,” NYT publisher A.G. Sulzberger wrote in a statement to staff. “Now, the political operatives behind this campaign will argue that they are ‘reporting’ on news organizations in the same way that news organizations reported on elected officials and other public figures. They are not.”

Aki Peritz, an author and analysis at AU’s School of International Service, suggested that “someone will eventually be murdered” because of the operation. He also wonderedwho was funding the group’s efforts, tweeting “I’m sure we won’t be surprised.”

“And then Bannon, Schwartz, Breitbart etc will claim they had nothing to do with what happens next,” another tweet read.


Funny how loud the pigs can squeal when it’s their tails getting stepped on.


GOOD! They have been on attack mode since Hilldawg decided to label every single Trump supporter a deplorable. They think its funny when they dox people and try to get them fired. Well dickheads - now you need to get a taste of what that feels like. Zero sympathy for these rat bastards.


If they’d stop fabricating fake BS stories pretending they are journalists and only report about what is really happening then journalism might come back to some semblance of respectability.
If they are paid presstitudes and love it no one will ever again put their trust in what they spew except the ignorant.



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