Exclusive: Ocasio-Cortez, Markey to unveil Green New Deal bill


Ah yes. The new Green deal, an estimated 7 trillion price tag and no estimate to the impact to the economy and jobs.

Got to love how the elected ones throw out shit and praise it as saving the world before it ends in 12 years.




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Thereā€™s good stuff out there:
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Amazingly (actually, predictably), this idiotā€™s proposal has the support of many lunatic liberalsā€¦including 3 of the announced presidential contenders.

Somewhat frightening is the fact that this may appeal to enough useful idiots to get one of them electedā€¦not in 2020, but 2024 or thereafter.

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Nothing surprises me today.

  1. People have the attention span that is 30 seconds or less.
  2. People have the memory that lasts to the end of a commercial.
  3. Our education system is irreparable broken. As proves so often including here.
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