EVs are bad for your health, wealth, and only morons drive them,

I don’t know why this can of worms isn’t wide open, but it should be so I’m doing my Patriotic duty.

Copper doesn’t grow on trees

I invite youse people to spill your guts so we can build a database that illustrates what a really bad idea EVs are.


First off, global warming is a lie. CO2 does not harm the environment or cause global warming.

Secondly, hydrogen engines do not pollute the environment and can be a replacement for petroleum burning engines (gasoline and diesel).

Thus a much better alternative than EV. Electricity has to come from somwhere, right? And what other metals do the batteries require?


A Tesla battery weighs about 2,000 lbs. A replacement runs about $15,000. I don’t know or understand how that applies to the used car market, but at some point one that is still nice looking, but old and needs a battery will go from some X value to really hard to sell.

The problem as I see it is, traditionally people who buy old cars because they’re cheap and that’s all they can afford will be priced out of the market with no alternative. (This assumes EVs become all you can buy) They don’t buy better, more expensive because they don’t qualify for a payment plan, and that won’t change. That doesn’t work for society because it confines the lower end of the work force to public transportation, ipso facto confines them to be living within walking distance of a bus stop, limiting further upward mobility possible because of just plain mobility range. This is a complex set of variables that is beyond my ability juggle in my mind simultaneously. I’m talking about the invisible people at the bottom who are just starting out with no assets; -nothing. I’ve been there and can tell you that you have to be able to search for better jobs wherever they are.

The very fact that the govt favors one experimental technology with subsidies and not others prevents other now marginal technologies from being worked on. Undoubtedly, there are some we have never heard of that can’t be pursued because of the lack of financing available for anything not in favor by the govt.

CO² is food for plants, and the Earth has always used what was availability at any given moment in time. There are 55 kinds of clouds that greatly affect solar radiation and heat exchange by either increase in density and solar blocking when temperatures increase evaporation, or allow more radiation when lower temperatures effects of precipitation decreases cloud density. The transport of moisture from where it is abundant to where it is not, and therefore needed, is another climate factor which is pivotal on the whole planet and is a function of clouds. The climate scientists have 55 models calculating climate/weather and have not created a mathematical characterization of the effects of clouds and therefore don’t include clouds in their models. Think for a moment about what we all know about the sliding scale of cloud building and shedding as a function of temperatures at the surface and at altitudes. Now multiple those sliding scales by the 55 kinds of clouds that exist between the Earth’s surfaces from the Dead Sea at 430 meters below sea level to Mt. Everest at 8,848 meters above sea level. The species of clouds are different, much different at great altitudes, too, so you need several logarithmic scales interacting differently at the different air temperatures changing with altitude, and different solar radiation values thru 24 hours day at different latitudes, and 55 kinds of clouds affecting heating and cooling via evaporation and precipitation. Then factor in another logarithmic scale for the variation in solar radiation in 365 days.

OK, that’s solar radiation buy the hour, date, latitude, altitude, plus surface retention or re-radiation back to the atmosphere, and 55 kinds of clouds modifying it all differently at different altitudes and times of day. I can’t even count the number of interacting logarithmic scales that need to be overlaid. This makes 3-D chess sound simple. (I can’t handle either.) Is it any wonder why these Climate morons don’t have a climate model that can predict the past? Do we even have a computer that can handle this? If we add the effects of the seas and the deep currents that circulate cold and warm differently in the different seasons…
And then add the effects of the occasional volcano eruptions above and below sea level and deep sea rifts? If your head is exploding now, you are perfectly normal


That’s the concept of 15-minute cities, probably more talked about in the UK.

It makes no difference, if we own nothing, eat ze bugs and will be happy.

Not only that, carbon is the building block for (most) living things in our planet.

As late Professor Bob Carter (James Cook Univ, Australia) pointed out, CO2 levels increase slightly after Earth warms up. In fact, in 1990s the average CO2 level increased slightly after the average temp went up for a few years. Now we’re on a cooking trend.

From his field of paleo-geology, Prof. Carter could say with confidence: Saying “CO2 causes global warming” is like saying “Lung cancer causes smoking.”

I know nothing about space science but the assumption “The further away from the Sun, the colder it gets; the close to it, the hotter it gets” is wrong.

Murcury is frozen over on the side which faces outward, visible from Earth. Traces of life are visible on Mars, such as ancient rivers, lakes and a large ocean which were not frozen.

At the same time Venus is not hell on earth, so to speak. The temperature there is not hundreds of degrees.

So, the big city lovers are going to abandon the Gothams and move to burgs? This, I’ve got to see. What shall we do with the giant hulks that are left? If we abandon the giant cities, the assets become worthless and the owners of the real estate will be ruined. That includes owners of commerce & everyone who lives there and owns a home, condo or co-op, and retirees with bonds based upon mortgages that decline in value to what, zero? Who will finance the burgs private real estate? The big cities have huge investments in infrastructure which supports some number of residents and businesses. Before it can be abandoned they need to replace that amount of supporting infrastructure in the new replacement burgs. Where will that money come from? From the taxes not paid on big city real estate & commerce? This is just one more stupid idea puked out by stupid, short sighted, utopian… ~intelligentsia~ that contaminates our institutions of higher learning. Children talking about things like this could be excused if they left out big parts of “The Plan”, because they are ignorant of all the details, having never built anything that didn’t come out of a Lego box or Google Play Store.

We expect the Masters of the Universe who are planning how they will force us peasants to live as, where, how and they think we should, to actually have, “A plan” that starts at A and goes all the way to ZZZZZZ, without gapping gaps. If you are planning on building one lousy building your planning begins with a need and cost range. As you flesh out additional details you need to update your needs requirements versus your costs to be more and more precise, such that by the end of the planning stage you know exactly what you are going to build and have financing arranged. One without the other is worthless. There is a substantial cost to planning that includes lawyers, architectural & engineering, zoning requirements & civil permits, and your time. If you spend money on that only to be told you don’t qualify for financing means the other expenses were for naught. Now, apply that to replacing Gotham with 30 cities with populations of 500,000. Include finding the land to do it on. This has been a superficial look by an unqualified person, me. How would this concept survive an in-depth examination by a real, live, qualified panel of commercial experts?

The same things apply to bugs as food. You propose to replace 1,200 lbs of beef grown on a cow that occupies some amount of square footage for a couple years and provides desirable meals at prices people will pay. In the same amount of time how many bugs do you produce in what square footage, at what cost? There is a complete, existing series of commercial processes & destinations for everything not eaten: hide goes to textile industry and you buy as furniture, clothing or automotive interiors; fat goes to soap factories; bones, horns, hooves, tails & remaining wet stuff goes to bone meal and/or bone char (charcoal) for agricultural & industrial uses. Nothing goes to landfills. Even if you accomplish making enough bugs to replace that volume of meat, which I doubt, how will you force people to eat it? If you thought there has been public resistance to EVs, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. They are working on destroying the cattle industry, but Trump will begin the push back process if and only if he has the House & Senate. The EPA needs to be returned to enforcing a much smaller specifically legislated agenda, and prevented from inventing new branches of authority to control everything, everywhere. Bureau of Land Management, same thing. And many other 3-letter agencies new reworking.

No Trump; no nada.

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The New World Order is a religious concept. Therefore, it has no economic or financial basis. It has no plan. It is just an idea.

The idea is to let an extremely wealthy familes run a handful of enforcers to maintain order in the world where the vast majority are brainless slaves who are happy to follow orders.

The New World Order is a Luciferian religion, a fear-based belief system.

At the same time, it is also a pyramid scheme of sorts, based on the Babylonian magic and Babylonian banking, creating wealth out of nothing, which is what the Federal Reserve does.

It is an ultimate caste system consisting of a handful of ruling families, a caste of priests and a caste of military / police law enforcers (which has a pyramid structure within itself) to maintain order over a vast majority of slaves or untouchables or zombies.

Is it a workable model? Of course it is, as long as the vast majority of slaves love to maintain it because they are brainless followers of orders.

Is it economically sustainable? Of course it is because the slaves work for free.

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I forgot to mention.
As in 1986 (George Orwell) and during the Khmer Rouge rule of Cambodia (CIA experiment for sure), children were encourged to spy on their parents — on what they are saying and thinking as to the regime — and report their findings to the teachers.

We confirmed a few years ago during Covid the importance of the mainstream media to spread fear and panic. This is for adults.

For children, the goal is more long-range and insidious. Brainwashing of children over many years in the school education against their parents, culture, and civilization.

The European civlization self-destructed in the 20th century.


I think you’re watching stuff that bends minds. You need to swear off that stuff and watch something that is happier.

The singular thing that stands out from the concept of a New World Order is that it assumes there is something wrong or lacking in a free society as envisioned by the Founder’s of America. We have improved of the original USA with voting allowed for non-property owners and women, and outlawed slavery. It is not a perfect system because we still have too much that relies upon the judgment of mankind. We, the species are imperfect and we are the faultiest part of the best govt system yet concocted. However, it needs to be contrasted with purely written-in-stone system (if one existed) because that requires laws that cover every contingency. That works really badly as exhibited by ordinary commercial companies’ rules which try to do that and fail because it always boxes-in those trying to adhere to the rules in spite of new and un-thought-of situations which require ignoring or bending the rules. Rules made by mankind are always personal opinions of what is right. One of my favorite Italian sayings; “4 Italians; 5 opinions”. We change our minds from time to time illustrating that we don’t always agree with ourselves!

My bad. It was 1984. (I was thinking of the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union.) Orwell was writing the book Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1948, so he merely reversed the last two digits.

Along with Animal Farm Orwell exposed the plan, because his family was in the intelligence business, so he knew.

Unfortunately, it can be found only in the world of fiction. Humanity is infinitely stupid.

Of course. That’s why the New World Order crowd has succeeded in dumbing down the Americans (through Hollywood, mainstream news, education), and sabotaging the Constitutional republic.

The problem lies in who we are and who they are; we have different kinds of lives and objectives and viewpoints from which we look at things that need to be changed. The Right wants to be left to our own lives and that’s what we do, pursue our own lives. That keeps us busy and happily doing our thing. We do not want to be concerned or involved with govt. The Left are unhappy people who are concerned with everything outside their own lives and want to make the world into something that fits their world view, but without doing the planning and hard work. They do not pursue their own lives and dreams, they want to govern others and force everyone to do what the left thinks is correct. We’re happy if someone is producing enough oil to supply our needs. The left thinks the world should do without oil & gas, oil drilling, gas fracking, processing gas into fertilizers that feed & power the world and oil into the myriad chemicals & power we need to have the life we have and like. The left has no education and/or personal knowledge of what pivotal substances gas & oil are. They close down power producing dams and coal fired generators without even wondering where all power THEY need will come from. Nothing that society takes for granted is possible without lots of all three; oil & gas & power. Since they are shallow, envious, and anal retentive and uneducated about the predominance of the products of oil & gas they believe they can demand that we just stop using it. All plastics come from oil & gas. Without both, we would have to use much more metal and wood to make the things we need from hair combs to automobiles. Cars used to weigh 3000 lbs for small and 5000 lbs for large when they were all metal. Grain and other foodstuffs are more plentiful and cost less because nat gas can be converted into cheap Nitrogen fertilizer. They can’t live the life they do now without low cost oil & gas. They spend great personal energy trying to get rid of what makes it possible to live life as we know without giving a thought to what will replace gas & oils’ products that allow us the luxury of not cutting down every stick of lumber in the world. They ignore the great leaps forward the world has made in improving how clean the world is now compared to the days when we burned wood and coal without regard for the soot that coated every snowfall. The streets are not covered in manure now and we have more freedom to move about. Their idea of how to get along without the products we depend upon every minute is to limit the birthrate at the same time that the modern world is already choosing to have fewer children. They insist that we do things to change how we live without having a plan to deal with what is leftover when their mandates are enforced. We on the other hand improve our processes to make mankind more efficient and less burdensome on the planet. Their Utopia would be a dismal, unhappy place to live. Our Utopia is here and we are the people making it better every day. That’s the us versus them.

Surprising that BIG OIL isnt attacking the EV producers. The auto insurance companies must love them and noone talks about the amount of RARE EARTH material it takes to make the batteries.
The indoctrination and brainwashing is 8n full force with EV commercials on TV.
Strange isnt ot that there is no media coverage of Toyota working on a hydrogen fueled internal combustion engine.What gives there?
Who the FUK is SLOW JOE and GOV. GRUESOME to decide what type of car we will have??? More government control.


Big Oil is keeping a low profile as well as Big Insurance. Any company that has had to raise prices to cover the 30% cumulative inflation that Joe has gifted us has a a big need to stray out of the line of fire. Joe takes aim at anyone who says inflation has driven their costs up so they need to raise prices. Any industry that is regulated is vulnerable to more regulation and close anal examination which will lead to demonization.

Your next car is govt approved and being built for you RIGHT NOW, and will bring back your youth!!

next car

And Joe is going to tax the shit out of it.


Small vehicles are amazing.
There used to be public transportation in LA, but it was Big Oil who wanted to dismantle such tracks and they did.

If I was a Big Oil CEO, I would make a case against nuke plants saying that they’re not safe, and thermal power generation is clean nowadays.

I learned to drive in flat Michigan, and also learned again in Seattle & Tacoma in an Isetta. That was an experience parking on steep hills. Those kinds of cars are for the young & skinny. And, fearless. If you get in an accident, you’re dead.

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All bikers know that.
In Japanese cities, the max speed is 50km/h, which is 30mph, most common in US school areas.

I never lived in SF, but every time I visit it, I wonder how people drove and parked manual transmission cars in the old days.

It was generally assumed in Gerrmany, perhaps into 1960s, that students drove VW beetles and professors drove mercedes’ for a reason. Driving on German autobahns is a life-changing experience, but it’s another story.

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I learned to drive in hilly Ohio on a manual transmission car. If you can drive a manual car, you can drive anything. As we used to say… ya gotta learn how to ‘teal and hoe it’. :wink:

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I wonder if Al Gore , John Kerry and the Clintons have bought EVs.

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Okay… that made me laugh. :rofl:

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Believe it or not, I lived in Marysville, Ohio, outside Columbus for a year. I certainly didn’t see many steep hills but Ohio has a different terraine in the south.

Before automatic cars became mainstream in Japan, people had to pass a driving test which involved starting up on a slope.

Driving schools have a mock railroad crossing (without rails, but a sign only) which is elevated somewhat, forming a mound. You have to bring your car to a complete stop, shift the gear to the first gear while pressing on the brake pedal, with the clutch fully disengaged.

After looking left and right (to see no train is a-coming LOL), you have to swiftly remove your right foot from the brake pedal and step on the accelerator pedal to rev up the engine, but not excessivly, while at the same time gingerly engaging the clutch.

If the engine dies or the car moves backward excessively (due to gravity pull), you fail the test.

Boy, those were the days.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you had to use the handbrake too, which had to be released at the same time as you engaged the clutch.

Not all railroad crossings are on a slope but in the countryside, the rail tracks are usually built somewhat higher.