Evil has returned to the House of Representatives

This is exemplary of the unquestionable waste of taxpayer dollars that are spent in paying our representatives in Washington supposedly to work for the good of the people and the country that we call ours.

The Democrat Party has yet to accept the results of a legitimate election of a President. They are UNDERMINING OUR DEMOCRATIC PROCESS of maintaining the Republic of the United States of America. They are ANTI-AMERICAN!


The far-left Ocasio-Cortez is pushing a bizarre Green New Deal, along with a 70 percent tax, and comparing herself to Lincoln and FDR.

Hank Johnson, who thinks Guam could tip over with too many soldiers on it, compared Trump to Hitler. He’s angry with his supporters for voting for an “authoritarian, an anti-immigrant, racist strongman to the nation’s highest office.” None of that is true. It’s hate speech.

Steve Cohen, a certifiable hate-filled individual, who told Marsha Blackburn to jump off a bridge, filed articles of impeachment. There is no reason, no evidence to impeach. These people want to impeach the President because they don’t like him or his beliefs.

None of this is normal. It’s not nice. And it will get much worse. Evil has returned to the House


Nancy Pelosi is both evil and incompetent. When she was vacationing in Hawaii over Christmas, she was asked about the murder of Officer Singh and she replied “no comment” the leader of the Democrat Party refused to condemn a cop killer in her state because he’s an illegal immigrant. Why am I not surprised?

The worst possible scenario for the West is we get a leader who “saves us” for just long enough for everyone to go back to sleep.

A massive mistake that the Powers That Be made is they accelerated their timeline.

We in the West were placed under the “boil the frog” method of Fabian Socialism, in other words, incremental Socialism combined with creeping austerity and endless entertainment, immigration and degeneracy. This all happens so slowly that no one notices until it is too late.

Fabian Socialism was chosen as the method to rule the world because it is so much more effective than hardcore Stalinist Communism.

If you don’t realize you are under control, who the hell are you going to rebel against?

But the Fabian method only works if you maintain the incremental timetable.

If you move too quickly, people begin to notice all the “coincidences” and begin to wake up.

With the rapid acceleration of the Leftist agenda in the past few years, it has had an opposite effect in waking people up just as rapidly.

This is a major problem for those running the show, once people start waking up, especially in the Internet Age, you have some serious problems on your hands.

These Soros types are not a new phenomenon, people like him have been controlling the planet for thousands of years.

They have a tremendous knowledge of human psychology, perception management and the Occult. They know us better than we know ourselves which is why, through their Roundtable Groups, they are planning out the future of nations 30, 50 and even 100 years in advance.

Sometimes they need to put on a different mask to get their agenda through.

Like the Communist ■■■■ who came to America and became what we today know as the “Neo Conservatives”.

They realized the hardcore Lefty thing wasn’t working anymore, so they put on a new hat, and it worked!

The Church did the opposite, they realized the Conservative Catholic model was going out of style so in the Vatican II Council they decided to take a hard Left.

Anything to stay in power.

These people are not above compromising their principles and putting on disguises so long as it means they get their agenda through, in fact, we would be wise to learn from their methodology.

Those at the top are sophisticated beyond your wildest dreams.

What worries me is they might allow an “outsider” to take charge in order to pacify the people.

Keep us from bringing out the pitchforks and torches for just long enough to seal our fate.

They might even throw us a bone and lock up these big names we are all familiar with: Obama, Hillary, Soros, etc.

Then everyone goes back to sleep.


When will people finally realize we need term limits in congress???

Nancy Pelosi is 78 year old. IS this really the best the democrats have to offer?
Mitch Mc Connell is 76 years old. IS this really the best the republicans have to offer?
Chuck Schumer is 68 years old. IS this really the best the democrats have to offer?

When will we enact term limits for congress.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

Many of us already realize it.

We also realize that for it to happen, either Congress has to legislate it into law (fat chance) or the American people have to collectively quit voting for incumbents after a fixed time in office (fat chance)

Neither of these will happen.

But is is the only solution to the gridlock of government today.

yes it the best each party has to offer and you wonder why we have problems, I may not like Trump’s tactics but at least he attempting to do things that help America unlike the aforementioned 3 who are doing their best to help themselves, prepare for their personal future and fortunes on the back of Americans.

Im afraid term limits is just a band aid solution because even if you have limits they will still be elected and cause damage

In 2020 the Democraps will put out Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker , maybe Biden and that gasbag Sanders will run again, and God help us if that witch Hillary decides another run.

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The best both parties has to offer.

We cannot rid ourselves of the entrenched party bosses and bring in new talent without arm limits.

Term limits wont necessarily keep people in their 70s from office. Romney is a first termer and he’s about 70. The D who ran against Marsha Bkackburn was 74.

Trump himself is in his 70s.

The voters can term limit any of those people by defeating them

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But we can keep those that have ben in the house and senate for their entire lives from remaining forever.

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Yep. I think it’s gross that there are some House and Senate members who serve for 40 or 50 years. There aren’t a lot of them now, as many have died or finally stepped aside, but if voters in a district or state want the same Congress person for decades I guess it is up to them.

Orrin Hatch finally retired after more than 40 years in the Senate.

It’s all about power and of course wealth.

The percentage of millionaires i congress exceeds the percentage on the population of the US. Do they make their fortunes in congress? Nancy did.

As well as many democrats and republicans. Who they leave they go to work as lobbyists pandering to their friends in congress.

How exactly do they represent the people that snd them to washington when their first priority is money, power and themselves?

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The dependent class wants free stuff and the working taxpayers are too busy to care anymore . We are seeing more illegals stealing benefits , hospitals going under because they are force to care for them , our school taxes skyrocketing because we have to provide more and more Spanish speaking teachers . Voter ID being fought tooth and nail and a Country so lost !!! :roll_eyes:

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