🔴 Evidence of Evolution?

The laryngeal nerve.

As do I.

Why would God not create within each species the ability to adapt and evolve? That would be rather short sighted and God is anything but.

On a field trip (about 15 years ago) to St. Augustine, we visited a museum. On the grounds were interactive replicas of early time periods based upon what Ponce De leon discovered when he arrived at St. Augustine.

The native tribes that greeted him were extremely tall. At least twice his height. In this tribe, the taller you were the closer to God you were so height was held in high regard. So much so, that the tallest man was to “marry” the tallest woman.

In essence, they weeded out the “short” gene. I suppose very much like the Potato Famine weeded out the large potatoes.


Well done.

You have your faith, we have ours.

And we have better science. Mutation causes death and dead ends. Probability kills the only viable macro-evolution mechanism.

Evolutionists have tried to kill God, but they can’t. The Ontological argument for, or against God simply does not work.

If you mix some Materialism in there, you pretty much have it nailed down.

Your scientific instinct is dead nuts on.

The transition from quadruped hairy ape to Modern man keeps creeping closer to modern times. It is at about 100M years now…
I believe this could better be done in a spreadsheet.

Gr = Average generation time in years of Human-oid reproduction before 10K years ago (no I am not a young earther)
Cm = Chance of mutation
Sm = Chance of successful mutation
Nm = Number of mutations required from Lucy to Oprah or Melania
Xm = Chance of successful mutations that did or could not reproduce and survive due to accidents and disaster (tree fell on them…), or war
P(t) = population of Humanoids over time over the last 300M years

We would need those parameters to build a reasonable simulation
I build simulations, your question is tempting.

I am not against God in any way except in disagreement of man’s conception of what God is and does. God existed before the first big bang. God created all that there is and all that there will ever be.

Man’s biggest problem with God is thinking that God’s characteristics are similar to man’s.

How fucking arrogant can man get?

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Mutations don’t always lead to death, and beneficial mutations can be retained. Mutations aren’t the only way to ‘evolve’ either.

Evolution is a fairly straight forward concept, but evolution is not creation. Nor does evolution prevent God from existing.

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Enlighten me. This is new information? Or are we regressing back to lamarkian beliefs?

You can get genes inserted from viruses, the human genome is thought to be littered with transposable elements thought to come from viruses.

Bacteria as well. Mitochondria are thought to be ancient bacteria which over time became an integral part of eukaryotes organisms. To this day mitochondria still have their own DNA.

Then you can have massive duplication events of genes, chromosomes, and entire genomes. This allows the duplicated genes to diverge faster because you still have one gene which works ok.


Are you referring to the work by Enard ? Or something else.

I’m not referring to any one individuals work. It’s widely known that the human genome is littered with transposable elements, some of which are believed to have viral origins.

I might call these mutations then if they themselves are not the result of an evolutionary pressure.

By the way… how do we know that the “litter” is not from mutations and that viruses adapted to include that litter in their own RNA?

I might call these mutations then if they themselves are not the result of an evolutionary pressure.

I suppose many people would call them mutations, perhaps I mistakenly assumed people were taking about a single nucleotide change here or there, when in fact you can get massive changes very quickly.

Not sure what you mean if they are not the result of evolutionary pressure.

By the way… how do we know that the “litter” is not from mutations and that viruses adapted to include that litter in their own RNA?

Viruses had to evolve to. I’m sure there is back and forth between the two.

I would suspect that you are not going to find anything approaching what you are looking for here. Maybe for micro-evolutionary changes, but nothing for what skeptics view as macro-evolutionary change. In other words if it is about birds whose skeletal structure and organs are the same but who differ in the shapes of their beaks I’m sure time frame models can be developed. I would suspect that there are no models that can explain how long it would take for highly improbable beneficial mutations to change organs and skeletal structures.

What types of changes have occurred as a result of this phenomenon as opposed to the changes brought on by mutation?

Not really serious but kinda on the environmental effects: the Spanish flu preceded a lot of sentimentalist rooted stupidity and the rise of girly men.

Follow me for a moment: unlike most sorts of flu if you were generally healthy, for reasons I quite cannot recall but have read about, the Spanish Flu tended to be more lethal. Sickly people did get sick but were more likely to survive. Thus that flu killed the most fit.

I am assured by the Almighty that I am created in his image.

I do not heed the book of Second Opinions.


In your informed opinion, what % of mutations do not lead to death?

Let me be blunt, how many 9’s deep to you have to go to find a non-lethal mutation?

Back to probability. Remember, you are not trying to make a Schnauzer out of a wolf; You are trying to make a human out of a vole in an evolutionary damned short time.

Chop Chop…

How do you know my opinion is informed?

I don’t think anyone can put a number on what percentage or mutations lead to death, but it’s obvious that not all mutations lead to death. So somewhere between those two points. Impossible to give a percentage because you are asking someone to model randomness of DNA change and randomness of where it occurs.

Non-lethal mutations happen. Most of the human genome doesn’t code for proteins. Most of the proteins coding genes have two copies, so if one gene doesn’t work the other might. Many amino acids can be coded by different nucleotide combinations.

I’m not aware of comparisons of humans to voles, but mice there has been a comparison and we are pretty similar. Of the 4000 genes looked at 3990 are shared between humans and mice. The complicated part of being a human is not the difference in genes, but how those genes are organised and regulated.

Again I’ll say, evolution doesn’t disprove a Creator.