Europe descends into totalitarian internet censorship

Europe is rapidly descending into internet censorship, especially in Austria and Britain.


Excellent work @reactionaryedward

I pray often that I get to see the evil, tyrannical European Union burn down in flames in my lifetime. Really sorry to my European brothers and sisters. Make sure to do everything you can to stand up against the EUs stranglehold. I am here in America completing my graduate studies watching Americans let their country be taken over by the third world. Internet is fast tho…


This is a test run for attacking and taking control of the last place for free speech to happen!


And why not? It already worked for gun confiscation.

We’re not like you. We don’t want guns here.

I guess FB, Twitter, Google etc, all American platforms, aren’t already censoring free speech… what good is free speech without a platform? Rather like pissing into the ocean trying to raise sea levels.

This is an aspect which I repeatedly stress to Americans and also, unbelievably, Europeans … who seem unaware that they have no basic right to voice their opinions or beliefs.

Imagine using a photo of a Star Wars character for a meme on Twitter, and then being sued for using the image by Disney

Oops! … better start looking for a new avatar!

This legislation will apply to all social media companies with more than 100,000 users – so basically any website worth using

…phew! I’m safe

I want guns here. In a few years we are going to need them!

Then perhaps you should stand for election in your local area and make guns part of your manifesto. See how far you get.

…hmmm :thinking:

“The Democrats want you disarmed, obedient, silent and dependent on them. The Democrats are tyrants.”


Most of us over in the “colonies” don’t care. Not that I was suggesting you SHOULD have guns or anything. But please, continue. :roll_eyes:

Good. Live and let live.

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My sentiments exactly! That is why I totally despise radical Islam.

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Kudos! happy-1

Instant worldwide information (truth or fiction) is the bane of despotic endeavors.

Government control of the narrative is required for government control of the people.

Political parties require promulgation of their lies and suppression of the opposing party’s truth in order to attain and maintain power over the people.

All governments are despotic by their very nature, hence why placing blind trust in that government in the hopes they won’t abuse that trust is utterly foolhardy. We are supposed to be the final arbiters of their power, otherwise you get what we have wound up with. Representatives who sell us out to foreign interests and more and more legislation taking away our rights, privileges, immunities, and freedoms. Government may be a necessary evil, but it is an evil nonetheless and should be guarded against at all costs. Too bad that didn’t happen in the US even though we were warned what would happen if it didn’t as we wouldn’t be where we are now if it had.

If you think people can’t be trusted to have wealth and govern their own affairs and your solution is more government made up of people you somehow implicitly trust … you might be a Progressive.


Not sure if anyone listens to David Icke…he was a popular soccer player, and no he talks about the Global Government, and how they are setting up to “take over the world”. I guessed, you could call him a conspiracy theorist. But he doesn’t talk like most do. He actually breaks down his issues and discusses them rationally. But my point is, he brought this “Totalitarian” up many of times in his speeches and videos.

He has many videos on this topic on youtube. From Globalists to Secret Societies.

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He was a prominent newscaster. Can’t remember now if he was an anchor-man or one of the progressives like the ‘dangerous’ Kate Adie or Laura Kuensberg (sp?) who happily don a flak-jacket and helmet and report from Raqqa about how the bombing is destroying the local flowers … and other fauna.

Do you speak for all of the UK?