Eureka Women’s March Canceled for a Ridiculous Reason



Wanting to live in a predominantly white neighborhood does not make you a racist or a Nazi.

Going out of your way to prevent non whites from moving to your neighborhood or trying to drive them out of your neighborhood does.


Race is natural. Culture would come second.
I did enjoy hearing Jordan Peterson break things down to the individual person and how we all are responsible for all humans as a species.


That first one (I suppose) is why there are 1,417,695,756 Chinese people (as of Monday, December 24, 2018) living in China. :laughing:


Because china remains for the most part a closed society.


Also no one calls Japanese racist for having Japanese-only stores. “Cute cultural quirk”.


Basically, at least as far as I can figure it out only white people, and white males in particular can be racists at least according to the leftwing in this country.


I’ve been to Japan several times. They seemed very protective of their culture…especially in the smaller villages. You will see very few signs…and I never saw a McDonald’s sign.

…just a lot of immaculately kept buildings.*hEoIbl6t8_j__K1Ee2uIyA.jpeg&exph=800&expw=1200&q=japanese+villages+images&simid=608025642263121722&selectedindex=202&qpvt=japanese+villages+images&ajaxhist=0&vt=0&eim=1,2,6



An oldie but a goodie.


Is it that it is white neighborhood or the quality of the people living in the neighborhood and quality of the school system?

You could live in an all white trailer trash park where the school kids are from the park and are predominately white as well :wink:


I’m not even sure why women need a march. March for what?

Go to school, get an education, don’t have children out of wedlock. Go to work, earn a living. Or be a stay at home mom or stay single. Who cares?

There, I just solved all of the feminist problems. They can save some wear and tear on their tennis shoes. :smile:


Inter-sectional feminism, dont you know it, bigot!


That is hilarious! :rofl:


In loony leftist land, satires write themselves as norms.


Wait! It’s real? No way!


I think some of them march to show off the vagina hats that they made in craft class. :wink:


It is stupid and not relevant. Women play a role which is complementary to their male counterparts. One does not exist well without the other.