EU TO IMPLODE: Experts Warn Brussels Must Change or Die!


A pretty much straight forward analysis of the EU today.

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I welcome the demise of the EU. The second step in restoring the sovereignty of separate European nations will involve the ridding of each them of the influences of Islam…something the EU leaders have been embracing far too long.

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The people of Europe are turning against the EU because they see it for what it is, a cabal of elitist political gangsters who despise the voting public. The sooner it collapses, the better.


Illegal immigrants in Sweden have the right to state funded medical, dental and maternity care. They pay lower fees for their health care than Swedish citizens do.

Meanwhile it is estimated that 355,000 senior citizens live below the EU poverty line and often can’t afford these services at all.

Now take this absurd problem from Sweden and expand it across the majority of the EU - it is meant to crash. This is not sustainable.

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That’s what EU gets for bowing to the Soros Open Society.

Let them burn I’d say. Or use flamethrower trucks on them instead of water.

Time to declare martial law. Call the national guards and start mass deportations. Since no assimilation send them back to the country they came from. Can be done quickly too. Next step declare Soros enemy of the state, arrest Soros, confiscate his money and try him for treason. End of story.
Peace restored.