EQUALITY! Cucked Monopoly Gives Females $400 Head Start, $40 More Than Men to Pass 'Go'

And the men still win, because women are bad at finances and making decisions.

  • Hasbro has introduced the first Monopoly that celebrates women trailblazers
  • Aimed at players 8 years old and up, properties are replaced by groundbreaking inventions and innovations made possible by women throughout history
  • Players are told 'Collect 240 salary as you pass GO, if you’re a man collect 200’
  • Women also get a $1,900 at the start, compared to $1,500 for male players
  • Tokens include a pen, jet, glass, a watch, a barbell, or Ms. Monopoly’s white hat
  • Ms. Monopoly celebrates everything from scientific advancements to everyday accessories – including WiFi, chocolate chip cookies, and solar heating
  • Players of any gender can build business headquarters around the board to collstrong textect more money from others
  • In hope of inspiring others, it spotlights women who challenged the status quo

Thank you Hasbro for confirming that women are inferior to men and need an unfair advantage and extra stuff in order to compete. Hysterical :joy:

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I thought gender was a social construct?

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Do trannies also get the extra advantages in this game?

If not, this is probably going to get banned in any case.

I think this would make any reasonable woman angry.

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I honestly think it’s pretty terrible that Hasbro believes women aren’t smart enough to spend their money wisely and need their help to be competitive.


The message is apparently that women are so powerful and so about “equality” they need a crutch to win Monopoly.

I think the reactions alone prove the point the game was trying to make. I’ve never seen so many triggered man-babies in my life.

Actually, I think most reasonable women would just do a roll eye and play a game that challenges both parties.

Heh, did Hasbro ever consider an all female group playing the game? :laughing:

Did they replace the “Free Parking” space with a “Sleep With Your Boss To Get A Promotion” space?

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If they are playing vs a man do they get to take his half his shit just like in real life?

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Do men still get 60% more time in prison for the same crime?

You all need to take a deep breath and lighten up. You don’t have to buy Ms. Monopoly if you don’t want to. The free market will determine if this product is a hit or not. I can see this being very popular with many young women.

I think you miss the point completely! Try thinking further as to why some hold opposing views instead of trying to invalidate others opinions on this subject!

I don’t. It’s insulting. It will go the same way as Gillette.