Epstein Criminal Case Officially Closes - Total Bullshit

Case closed, nothing to see here, move along folks, and forget all the people who were implicated, we’ll roll out a list of the specific people we would like to take down shortly, the rest will get a Democrat pass!


So much for “no one being above the law”

And just like that…the biggest case of the 21st century involving countless high-level government officials, politicians, and billionaires is thrown under the rug. The government once again protects itself.

You can’t proceed with the case if the defendant is dead. However, the case against his estate is still very much active and will be challenging that last minute Cayman Island trust he set up.

So much for" equal justice under the law".

Like @Pozzed said - they can’t go after him for criminal charges because he’s dead. I do think that they should go after everyone in his businesses. Get them on the hook. They just need one knowledgeable person to flip and the whole thing gets blown wide open.

I hope they find them before the Clintons.

Epstein is dead and therefore can’t be prosecuted but the satellite actors are still going to be prosecuted.