England-Another Brutal Murder

9mm to the back of the head - dumpster - landfill.

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I’ll drink to that. I’ll go even further, and take great pleasure in pulling the trigger. I don’t subscribe to this ‘All human life is sacred’ thing.

More often than not, Muslim women are little more than property. Little more than wad buckets. Burkas are simply a way to steal a woman’s identity. Islam is a barbaric cult thinly veiled as a religion. The icing on the depravity cake is FGM. Islam hit the bottom of the degenerate barrel, broke through & wallows in the slime below. In Egypt, over 90% of women and girls aged between 15 and 49 have undergone FGM. I guess Muslim men just can’t handle women; and so they deny them healthy sex. I love the way my Christian God designed women ( good job Lord ); but it seems the followers of Allah need to revamp his work.


The feeble-minded liberals all believe we’re the same, but as usual they’re wrong. What they don’t get is that we’re only the same physiologically, but we’re different ‘upstairs’ - very different, and ne’er the twain shall meet. We should just let them live how they want to live unless (as you suggested earlier) they poke into our lives, then we go in hard and fast, so they don’t make the same mistake again.

They are anchored to a 7th century mind set. All religions have dark & shameful periods in their histories; but most have managed to gain some sane ground. The Inquisition was a black mark on Christianity.

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Trouble is there are so many of them; I recall watching the Rohingyas getting the hell out of Myanmar, and the BBC tv reporter said ’ . . . and I’ve never seen so many children.’

Strange that it has all gone very quiet where Aang Sui Chi (whatever her name is) is being tried in the Hague court, accused of genocide - I wonder why it has gone quiet?? Hold that thought?

The Inquisition was a black mark on Christianity; and that being said, Islamic Terrorists…
…killed more people in one month (5000+ in November, 2014) than were killed in 350 years of Inquisition (3000-5000).

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Unfortunately in reality people will reoffend creating more victims from crime and costing the taxpayers more money to send the criminal back to jail which is very expensive and with a higher crime rate which will happen because of the reoffenders the taxpayer Will be spending more money on policing and court costs why not teach the criminal new life skills something as basic as a forklift driving course which would cost the taxpayer £500 and potentially turn criminal back into a productive member of society and become a taxpayer themselves

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It’s not we live in a complex society your suggestions would cost thebtaxpayer more money and create more crime

There’s lots of job/technical/skills training and education available as well in US prisons.

The problem is that a lot of them have no desire to give up the life of the criminal class and it’s also very difficult for a felon to ever get anything better than a minimum wage job, particularly those with drug or convictions for violent offenses.

Violent criminals - pedophiles must be “totally eliminated” from society. Every breath they take deprives a decent creature of oxygen. No grey areas. Rehabilitation is an illusion. Grandma Vilula always told me: If you don’t listen, you surely will feel. You take these cretins off the streets, and you put correctional officers in harms way, cost the taxpayers $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and when the smoke clears, little or nothing gained. They can never fit into sane society. There is behavior that immediately divorces you from the human race.

Sex offenders, particularly child predators have the highest recidivism rates of all felons.

Just execute them or let them spend the rest of their lives at hard labor producing something of value to help offset the cost of keeping them in prison.

In the UK after most criminal convictions you don’t have to declare your crime in job interview after a five-year period has past. The 3 most common traits of men in jail are poor literacy and coming from a single parent household and a risk taking a tendency with entrepreneurial aspects if you teach them educational skills they are less likely to go back to jail which is costly to the taxpaye and creating more single parent households by putting fathers in jail which will statistically create more criminals in the long run also the taxpayer will most likely end up giving benefits to the single model whilst her partner is in jail. By rehabilitating offenders you create less crime which means last victims of crime ultimately I’m sure that is everyone’s end goal less victims of crime with minimal costs to the taxpayer

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Fair points but what we see here is that kids raised by parents that are felons are at higher risk than kids from single parent families.

Here we’ve made far too many crimes felonies which marks people that don’t deserve it necessarily for life.

Instead of emptying prisons and leaving felons on the streets when they reoffend my version of Judicial/Sentencing reform would remove the felony convictions for many minor crimes and double or triple the penalties for violent and/or drug dealing/trafficking convictions.

The majority of people in jail are not there for sex crimes or violent crimes but I fully agree some people cannot be rehabilitated and you might as well executed it saves money and gives peace of mind to their victims but only 8% of people in UK jails are first-time offenders there definitely seems to be a problem in that

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In the US first time offenders rarely go to prison either. Even a lot of serious felonies get pled down to misdemeanors so by the time they get that first prison sentence many if not most really are hardened career felons.

I believe in rehab & education. But there will always be those who are beyond salvation. Just grease em. You knowingly - deliberately harm a child, no quarter; you are dead. Same with violent criminals. Deal hard drugs, you are dead. Addiction should be treated as a sickness; but no dealer or anyone who profits from human misery should be allowed to live. The most elegant solution is to eliminate the problem. ELEGANT - pleasingly ingenious and simple.


As we saw in the 70’s the more we ease off on the penalties for those types of offenders the violent crime rate goes up geometrically.

Take a look at how quickly our violent crime rates dropped once we instituted No BS, no parole, long sentences for serious felons and 3 strikes you’re out statutes.

Now dem’s are hell bent at undoing all the good we’ve done since 97 by draining the prisons and reducing sentences for future serious felons.

When it all goes to hell again they’ll blame it on “lax gun laws”.

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Every major city should have a police commissioner like Frank Rizzo. “Of one group of anti-police demonstrators, he is reported to have said, ‘When I’m finished with them, I’ll make Attila the Hun look like a faggot.’” When Rizzo was in charge, the figures proved that Philadelphia was “ the safest city in America

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If you did a stretch under a strict regime - and I mean strict!! - would you come out and carry on where you left off? I don’t think so! You’d say the same as I did the first time I got drunk - ‘NEVER AGAIN!’

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If I caught a paedophile abusing a child I’d literally kill him with my bare hands and worry about the consequences afterwards. And I fucking mean it! He’d never abuse another child.