End of Zionism (humorous)

He took a DNA test and found that…

Oh yippee, more Putin sponsored propaganda desinged to cause dissent and division in western countries.

The term “useful idiots” never loses it’s meaning or value.

Too many useless idiots out there

And you are leading the parade.

In 1959, Congressman Ed Derwinski of Illinois entered an editorial by the Chicago Daily Calumet into the Congressional record, referring to Americans who traveled to the Soviet Union to promote peace as “what Lenin calls useful idiots in the Communist game”.[18] In 1961, American journalist Frank Gibney wrote that Lenin had coined the phrase “useful idiot”. Gibney wrote that the phrase was a good description of “Communist follower[s]” from Jean-Paul Sartre to left-wing socialists in Japan to members of the Chilean Popular Front.[19] In a speech in 1965, Spruille Braden, an American diplomat who was stationed in a number of Latin American countries during the 1930s and 1940s and was later a lobbyist for the United Fruit Company, said the term was used by Joseph Stalin to refer to what Braden called “countless innocent although well-intentioned sentimentalists or idealists” who aided the Soviet agenda.[20]