Embedded Live Streams for 2nd Amendment Rally in Richmond, VA

Everyone - we have embedded the best live streams that we can find so far this morning. All you have to do is press play on either (or both) and they will run live at the top of the page. We will be embedding 2-3 on the desktop homepage and we will rotate the mobile embed. When you navigate away from the homepage and into the threads the live streams will continue playing. I will post high quality links here as they become available. Stay safe to those who are there.


UPDATE: YouTube just nuked the Breitbart on-foot live stream. Searching for another.

UPDATE: YouTube is shutting down all of the on-foot live streams for TOS violations.

It’s not just YouTube killing the livestreams. Richmond is doing it too. I’m up and looking now.


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Thanks for setting all this up today.

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At least the mainstream media will be permitted to broadcast :face_vomiting:

The facebook stream from News2Share and the livestream you have up at the top of the site are the only quality ones at the moment.

YouTube is getting worse by the day. This is a major news event and they are literally shutting people down because the word “gun” gets mentioned. Unreal.

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Are these feeds just dropped, or dropped with a stated reason?

When you click on some of them it will say “violation of TOS”

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Alex Jones is hilarous :smiley:

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I hope that Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that the media and elites are desperate to control the narrative on this.

Breitbart is back up with the on foot live stream. I just embedded at the top of the site.


Don’t expect that stream to be up for much longer. Lots of words that are not allowed are being said on that stream.

Thanks for putting the work in to get the word out boys. Much appreciated. Site looks awesome like this.

Not a fan of Breitbart but that feed and those comments are lit af fam.


Thanks for all you do @Patriot and team.

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I am digging this command center look on the homepage guys…keep it up.