Elizabeth Warren declares ‘gender-nonconforming’ Americans the ‘backbone of our democracy’ 🤣


Much of the 2020 Democrat presidential race has been a contest to see who can most thoroughly demonstrate fidelity to identity politics, with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s latest effort being to declare that “trans,” “nonconforming,” and “non-binary” women of color are the “backbone” of American democracy.

Last week, the left-wing group Black Womxn For (which bills itself as “focused on creating intentional meeting spaces for Black Trans Women, Cis women and gender-nonconforming community leaders and activists to talk with each other about the Democratic primary and our impact on 2020 elections”) endorsed Warren for her party’s nomination.

“There is one leader who has shown, through action, deed, and word, that a future of economic prosperity, racial justice, gender justice, and social and political equity is possible,” BWF explained. “She is a partner with a deep understanding of how racism and gender discrimination don’t just compound income inequality but are actually central to maintaining the status quo.”

Specifically, the group says, it was won over by Warren’s supposed stand against “white supremacy and misogyny,” pledge to consult with various minority and identity groups in policymaking, commitment to an “accountability process” when and if she is found to be insufficiently “woke” as president, and commitment to “fundamentally changing the internal and external face of the federal government by appointing more black women, especially trans and immigrant women, black men, indigenous people, people of color and disabled people.”

On November 7, Warren thanked the group for endorsing her, declaring in the process that “black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy”:

Many social media users found the remark less than compelling, and mocked Warren for seemingly elevating a miniscule ideological movement above the interests and contributions of the majority of Americans.

Identity-politics pandering is nothing new for the pro-abortion Warren, who has long been derided for her history of falsely claiming Native American ancestry. Since at least July she has taken part in the transgender ritual of displaying her “preferred pronouns” of “she/her” on her Twitter profile, and said in September she was “honored” to fight alongside RuPaul’s DragCon for the LGBT agenda.

At October’s Democrat LGBT town hall, Warren jokingly mocked belief that marriage is specifically about uniting one man and one woman, endorsed taxpayer-funded sex change surgery for prison inmates, and told a confused little girl introduced as a “9-year-old transgender American” that she considers teaching children about homosexuality and “gender identity” to be normal parts of public education.

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Now that Bernie is rolling deep with the Squad, Pocahontas will need to start pandering for as many woke points as possible. This is a good thing as it is sure to alienate her other supporters who feel that they too are the backbone of our democracy.


Doesn’t anyone remember the Swish Brigade from WW2 ? Such warriors.

I believe we continually forget, Warren is Clinically Insane.

They are definitely insane. But also not looking at statistics. Pandering to 1% of the population while alienating a huge group with said pandering…well that’s about as effective as pissing in the wind.

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Good! Let them scramble for what amounts to less than half of 0.5% of the US population, that may or may not even turn out to vote.

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This tells me that the Democrats have an updated their political playbook since the 2016 election because this is the type of crap that Hillary Clinton was doing that led to her defeat.

I think Lizzie Warren’s massive ears are the backbone of democracy.

Good ruling-um from Big Chief Pander Hard

And this is what the democrats put up as presidential material.

And they think the right is dysfunctional.

I may as well get on the wagon. Vote for Jimsouth & I’ll give you Free Fucking Everything. Just name it. Of course, the country will be long gone by the 3rd month of my taking office. But what the Hell, it will be a blast.

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Nothing is free. You must pay for everything in this world, nothing is free, except the Grace of God ( if you deserve it ).

One if you go with the new green deal.

When I’m elected we will also have Public Crucifixions for heinous crimes. That’s the condition for Free Everything. As crazy as that sounds, I bet I’d get a staggering amount of votes.

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Hopefully you legalize open borders to ensure your reign forever.

There will be a string of post & beams running the entire length of the American side of the border. almost forgot, Vlad the Impaler was also creative.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The majority of the Turks died but the remaining were impaled on spikes outside the walls of the city. When the Ottomans invaded Wallachia after this, their leader, Sultan Mehmed II apparently fled at the sight of seeing the 20,000 corpses that were impaled on the outskirts of Targoviste. Vlad had intentionally left this in order to deter the Turkish forces from invading the city. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So all about deterring invasions.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know I’d be deterred.

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