Electoral Certification Vote in Congress and Senate Thread

This thread is about the speeches and voices expressed during the Electoral college certification process. If you have a TDS problem and want to insert your ignorant comments just for the sake of pacifying your gender hormone rage may I suggest you go and find another thread to do that.

I will start with Matt Gaetz’s speech, because it was pretty awesome.

Full List: How Members of Congress Voted on Objections to Arizona, Pennsylvania Electoral Results

Dude, it’s like this: The Senate has now taken the role of medieval feudal lords.
This is not the system of government the Founding Fathers intended.
It was corrupted during the Congresses of Carter and Reagan’s 2nd Congress. During this time they voted themselves the keys to the country. Believe it or not, all men in this country are supposed to be subjected to the same laws. That’s according to the way it was set up.
Rights do not come from government, they come from God. That is the history of the US.


Spot on! We are entering the age of “Neo-Feudalism” make no mistake about it. Watch closely as they unleash the ATF on the populace to try and take our guns!


ALL Traitors except Josh Hawley, Marsha Blackburn and Ted Cruz.

There are also a few Democrats that are good too. Joe Manchin, Tulsi Gabbard, and a few others but they are few.

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Joe Manchin showed his true colors yesterday. Tulsi Gabbard I agree she’s okay, she’s Anti-Perpetual War and she took on the corrupt DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Vernon Jones has crossed the aisle and left the Democrats, he’s joined the Republican Party, but as he’s Pro-Trump how long he’ll last in that Traitor Party who knows, this is why we need a new party, so everyone can join it, this actually is going to transcend established political philosophies, this is going to be literally reduced to Traitors and Patriots, Anti-America and Anti-Western Civilisation ie. Pro-International Globalism against Pro-America and Pro-Western Civilisation ie. Anti-International Globalism and of course Pro-Communism against Anti-Communism because International Globalism IS Communism.


What did Joe Manchin do ?

He said that Patriots should be cracked down on and thrown in prison and he DEMANDED that Twitter permanently ban Donald Trump and then about a few hours later they did.

Manchin is a POS.

I did not know that part. Thanks I will have to look into that, because I find that pretty surprising.

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It’s been on Breitbart among other things:

And isn’t this comment the full truth:


Also isn’t this comment the truth also, Joe Manchin a typical lying Commie POS:

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The Communists aka Democrats and RINOs at the beginning face a fundamental dilemma, the same dilemma that Josef Stalin faced.

An armed population. With massive amounts of ammo.

Now Creepy Demented Joe I think on the campaign trail literally mentioned that an AK-47 or whatever is no match for MiG Fighter Jets, was this lunatic actually threatening that he would order the increasingly Pro-Communist and LGBTQ Ridden American Military to carpet bomb American Patriots?

The situation is these POS cannot role out the full NWO Communist Agenda while HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people are so heavily armed, so they need to disarm them ALL.

Stalin did this by the Starvation Method, it was half the population are armed and we have a man-made famine and if you give us your guns we’ll give you food and so millions of Soviets handed in their guns, but they got no food as promised, instead they were either shot on the spot or dragged off to the Siberian Gulags and left to die there.

Once Stalin had done that, he began the full on Totalitarian Communist Agenda.

So what are these Anti-American Communist Traitors going to do to disarm the population?

Couldn’t agree more…

Meaningless. That’s not going anywhere in today’s tech world…

We are ripe for a war anyway. It’s long overdue. Tree of Liberty is thirsty.

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The good thing about a war is that it removes the weakest links in society, most of the Leftists are weak and sickly, they can spout threats and act all tough from a keyboard but when faced with actual combat they fold like a tent and want their Mommy.

We have seen this when the Antifa Homos are confronted with Red Blooded Males, they run away like the cowards they are.

Tech cannot stop a bullet from killing someone, WTF are you babbling about.

Read a history book…:man_shrugging: