Einstein, the plagiarist of the century

Stop worshiping the thieves

What always bothered me about Einstein is that there were plenty of people at that time who were working on the theory of relativity.

But - we are lead to believe that Einstein came up with the work all on his own. Einstein also never cited a single source in his work.

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Neither does the author claiming he plagiarized it.

All science is built on prior knowledge.


Even in the day of Einstein it was typical to source that prior work.



  • Works for 5 years in a patent office
  • No free time to perform independent research
  • Suddenly quits - no one expected this
  • A week later came up with a new theory

Seems legit.

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…and was the first to recognize it.

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I read someplace that statisticians have sought a lower limit to the probability of events in a real universe in which randomness exists. The term they use for such a lower limit is P(PUEW)…
The probability of a Palestinian understanding Einstein’s work.

Yet… as we see here, some will continue to try and then whine about Einstein when they realize the task is beyond them.

Science is built on theories from the science community.

The real question is Einsteins theory of relativity correct?

Provide the source of the person who published the exact theory and prove he stole the theory form someone else.

The source cited is hardly credible and provides zero proof his rendition of relativity is wrong.

Several people worked on the first airplane concept yet the wright brothers are credited with the first flight in the US. Shouldn’t then be discredited???

There’s never been any evidence to show Einstein plagiarized anyone’s work.

General and Special Relativity were the hottest things in theoretical physics at the time, he simply got there first.

Show us when they published their work.