Ed Henry Fired From Fox News

Of course he has denied the allegations, but…

Take your pick:

And somehow it will be Trump’s fault.

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It’s hard to have sympathy for any member in the media industry these days they essentially live double lives and most are narcissists by nature. It’s probably why Politicians and media personalities share so much in common, you need to be a narcissist to play the part.

I find it very unbelievable that Henry every committed anything close to “willful sexual misconduct”.

He’s the definition of Mr. Milquetoast.

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Of course, but looks are deceiving. Scott Peterson didn’t look like the type of person to behead his pregnant wife, but apparently a jury thought otherwise.

And the jury was back before the last sentence of the article was dry . :roll_eyes:

Supposedly he was put on leave by Roger Ailes in 2016, for a extramarital, Las Vegas fling.