Ebola Kentucky Congo migrant vomiting blood

Ebola Outbreak Map . Com
tracks migrants with ebola virus

Health officials say the precaution is being taken to help ensure the safety of not only travelers but also the surrounding community.

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department is planning to monitor certain migrants for Ebola.


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This is actually an incredibly useful site. Thanks for sharing this even though it’s incredibly disturbing.

There is some useful information on your site but you have way too many ads. I also can’t find a link just to the map. Where is the map?

What I find most interesting is the use of the word “migrants”! Are they here legally? And if so who is responsible for letting them in?

The linked site is too janky and imho the thread was created to promote traffic to that site.

Ebola is a deadly disease which thankfully is rare but there is not going to be a mass outbreak in the US.

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For once I agree with you. Their map shows a case of ebola at a Chick-Fil-A in Lexington, KY.

I think this is a one post wonder.

Maybe my laptop is now infected!

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There have been no cases of Ebola associated with the Congolese “immigrants”.

There has been no confirmed case of Ebola in KY.

I did not see anything even close to what the OP stated on the site. Quite the opposite. No cases in Kentucky, just monitoring.


Histrionic panic mongering nonsense but then consider the source.

I tried going to this site and my browser just got totally slowed down by all of the ads. I do have a lot of tabs open but it shouldn’t come to a crawl like that because how many ads there are. The title here is also misleading because no one was actually confirmed to have Ebola.

I think if you want to try getting people to go to your website you should become a member of the community and take some feedback that you clearly need.


…as if they have attached ankle monitors to each infected migrant to give us real time locations of individuals. This is pure bullshit.

I did notice that the user has returned to read the comments in this thread only.

This person thinks they can still make money off ads on the internet. You can’t. Unless you are getting hundreds of thousands of unique hits an hour, you are never going to make any money.

…and I think that hits from visitors that have ads blocked do not gain the site any revenue at all. Every time I click on a link to a Washington Post article, I get a notice that says something like:

“We’ve noticed that you have an ad blocker…”, requesting that I turn it off and sign up for membership.

Screw them. I just close the window.

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I use an ad blocker and do the same thing. :wink: