Dystopia is Here! YouTube and Facebook Using AI to Remove Content Mentioning Eric Ciamarella's Name

Even more proof that big tech is just another arm of the DNC. They are scrubbing this guy’s name from the internet… meanwhile the dude was neither in the room or on the call. All he provided was hear-say and his lawyer is openly participating in a coup and keeping kiddie porn peddlers out of jail and holding security clearances.


When a leftist like Tim Pool weighs in, you begin to know this is no longer a partisan issue. Good on him to speak out on this issue as he pretty much called a Google executive a liar to her face in recent past!

This is crap. Next time Zuckerberg or Dorsey goes to Capitol Hill they better not claim they are here to help Americans and the like. They are here to help themselves (fine) and push their far left agenda (not fine).

Streisand Effect Intensifies

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