Drunk Gillum found in apt. with overdosing pal

He’s fully recovered and the last thing he remembers is a MAGA BOOMER in a Red Hat, he’s demanding an investigation and claims the last thing he heard before he blacked out is… this is MAGA Country.

You can take a Nigga out of the Hood but you can’t take the Hood out of the Nigga … it’s in the DNA and that’s the way it is Friday 13th 2020.


This is way more important than some pandemic.

Exemplary Democrat Party Member. What a bunch of losers!

This is all we need…another perverted Democrat in Washington.

It appears Gillum may have been in the midst of a gay orgy when caught with his pants down (off)!


Politicians are the most degenerate people that our society has to offer. Only the cleanse of Corona will fix this mess.

Power and influence are their weapons of choice. The money, sexual favors, drugs of choice all flow freely to them either upon their request or their acceptance of offers.

They are easily corruptible and their human nature makes them want things on the sly.

Why does this weasel keep trying to lie his way out of obvious debauchery? He’s a sleazebag that got caught in a gay orgy.

Some people who have power wield it wisely. Some don’t.

Here is the naked gay orgy pic of Andrew Gillum.

Does anyone have a link to the unblurred pic? Not that I want to see his dick but I do want to make fun of it. Given the size of the blurred area it can’t be very impressive.


The bowdlerized version is disgusting enough.

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Doesn’t look like an orgy photo, just a black passed out from too much Colt-45 and/or purpa drank.

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That’s a small blur fo a nikka. It must have been cold up dat mufuggah.

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Oof. That’s not gonna look great in a campaign ad.

Yeah, but a naked white guy is standing right there with his stank foot in the pic, so….

What a loser! Stop voting democrat! This guy was a few thousand votes short of being incharge