Drag show at Iowa public library features kids giving drag queen dollar bills

Children in the audience were seen handing money to the performers, in much the same way that strippers and other such performers are rewarded. Librarian Tanvi Rastogi posted on Instagram her photos of the event. On Instagram, one person commented, “These photos are amazing, they capture just how awesome the show was.” In September, during the Ames gay pride festival, similar drag performers accepted cash on stage from kids in the audience.

According to the Facebook page for the event, “Drag is for everyone.” It said, “Grab your best friend, your preschooler or grandmother, your dad or your neighbor and your neighbor’s kids, roommates, bandmates or that cool kid that sits next to you in math class and check out the free all age-friendly performances by professional and amateur drag performers.”


Remember when it was just about the privacy of two consenting adults? They just wanted to legalize gay marriage. They were never going to push their lifestyle on us. Nope.

How about just let children read at the library or how about Bible reading? When will that happen?


Western society continues to tumble further and further into degeneracy. The inevitable course correction should be interesting

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How is this any different then big tobacco or alcohol advertising to kids? Trying to get them at a young impressionable age. When they are not totally capable of making intelligent emotional decisions on they’re own.

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They want the children. One can appreciate the Russian law that protects children from this stuff.

Hey hey, don’t be attacking capitalism like that…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

We are pretty damn close to being told explicitly everywhere that “children are sexual beings too, they can love”.