Doorbell video shows violent robbery of young woman outside Oakland home…

Situational awareness in moments like these including being able to take the room temperature challenge by being armed and ready could have prevented this! The robbers got the drop on her because she was not expecting it.

What lessons could be learned here?

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I never leave my home unarmed. Once I leave my vehicle, and until I’m in my locked home, one hand is in my pocket with the Charter Arms .44 Bulldog. Same at the ATM. Old adage: Always expect the unexpected.

Based on this video what do you think the woman should have done and what would you suggest she changes if she had a second chance to do it over again?

Around blacks, never relax.

Not living in Oakland would be a start. The blacks are apparently pissed off that whites are saying fuck it and moving into Oakland to be close to their shitty jobs in the shithole of San Francisco. I saw on Twitter last night a white guy had his stock Honda civic rims stolen off his car in front of his house and there were thousands of black replies not only saying he deserved it…but that all whites should expect it if they move to Oakland.

tl;dr - blacks want to have their own ethnostate in Oakland - no whites allowed.


I never been to Oakland but I have heard some horrible things come from that place. Is it as bad as Chicago?

Tough call. She was terrified, and it’s difficult to focus when flooded with adrenaline. Myself, I would have just shot through my pocket with the hammerless .44. He would be dead. I am very comfortable with firearms; not all people are. Thank God it didn’t harm her. Women, children, & the elderly are often easy prey for sub humans. I am not easy prey. I will never go down whimpering.

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Well, If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

This is California with some of the toughest gun laws. One guy said this and I quote: “”

Just carry,,,,,dammit!

Just carry,dammit!

Bad guys have guns. Felons, ex-cons, and wannabe cons have guns. There is absolutely no excuse for not having one, screw your local and state laws against having one. If need be, go out of state to obtain one.
As a law abiding citizen, what are the chances of getting ‘caught’ with one? Basically NIL. I concealed carried for over 40 years until last year when I finally relented and obtained a license to ‘legally’ carry.
Did I ever get arrested? No. Did I feel safer when I had to enter ‘areas of town’ that were not really safe? Yes. Do I practice? Absolutely yes.
I am glad this woman was not seriously injured, or worse. The underwear she most likely soiled can be cleaned, or tossed out. All I can recommend to her is to go obtain a weapon, learn how to use it; have it on you so that you can USE it in a case like this…and move on with your life.
If he had capped that perp, only 1-2 people on the planet would be upset…. his partner in the crime (maybe) and his momma/grandmomma.“

I don’t want to go down the whole race road because that’s not how I am…but I am getting less and less patient with minorities saying they get to have places all to themselves and that whites aren’t allowed. That’s not ok for whites to do though. We have laws against that. Perfectly fine for minorities to do to whites though. No one bats an eye.

We need to start calling racially motivated crimes for what they are, regardless of the skin color of the perpetrator and victim. If we don’t then the laws we have on the books need to get removed.

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This is probably the best revolver for close encounters with primitives. No front sight or hammer to catch on clothing. Double action, and a ported barrel, so it doesn’t jump much. Just loud; and loud is good. Oh Yeah, it makes a very very big hole going in; and a bigger hole coming out. Not expensive when you weigh it against you life.

Of course these black on white crimes aren’t racially motivated or hate crimes.
Oakland should become a Negro ethnostate where they could kill each other to their hearts content.They would bave to function on their own as we should cut off any Federal money.

How is exactly would we arrive at declaring such a state?

We are far too safe in this country which leads Americans to complacency and teaches us to ignore our basal instinct that once protected us.

If a situation for some unknown reasons raises your hackles, don’t dismiss that as paranoia, it’s there to safe your life.

Always be aware of your surroundings and when moving through danger zones get your head out of your ass and have a plan for getting from point A to point B before even stepping into that zone.

You must not live around a lot of diversity.

Mandatory diversity and inclision along with the false notion that pookie with his hoodie up listening to niggathis and niggathat on his blaring bluetooth speaker is the same as a well-mannered white accountant from the suburbs created this complacency. Tribalism kept us alive for centuries. We are not all equal.

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Violent crime rates in the US have been cut by half since the peak in 97 and are lower than they’ve been overall since the 1960’s, a time in which many if not most Americans in many ways idealize as when America was at it’s best.

There is a lot of truth to this but I can tell you without blinking that I would much rather live next to a black accountant and that black accountant doesn’t want to live around hoodrat trash. We certainly aren’t all created equal but that really has nothing to do with color.

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Unfortunate crimes like this happen all over the United States. in some areas that are lacking true economic justice we see more crimes than we do in privileged areas. How do we improve this? By instituting a progressive plan designed around achieving the goal of economic justice. Couple that in with common sense gun control measures and we are off to a good start.

Is “economic justice” just another code word for wealth redistribution? That’s what it sounds like.

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Crime rates overall are at their lowest since the “War on Poverty” began.

The answer is in making the penalties so severe for these crimes the potential risks will be far greater than the likely rewards.

All the social welfare programs in the world won’t make those inclined to criminal conduct suddenly become moral people.

That stellar citizen sure as hell doesn’t look like he’s been struggling for food, shelter, heat, or healthcare.