Don't use the term 'race,' cucked German scientists urge

Following the 100th anniversary of the death of the “German Darwin,” researchers have distanced themselves from the classification of humans into races. Scientific decency should preclude using the term “race,” they say.

Don’t use the term ‘breed’ when describing dogs, either. Breed is a social construct. A Chihuahua is the same as a Great Dane.

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I wouldn’t use it either in most company, people just shut down completely, so it defeats the purpose. You don’t need that term to talk about differences.

The article itself is plain stupid.

The hierarchical categorization of groups of people based on their biological traits — for example, eye color, skin color, or skull shape — infers evolutionary relationships between species, which scientists in Jena now call a form of racism.

Scientific categorization based on actually existing traits has a logical conclusion that is evil so let’s just not do it? That’s a pretty pathetic statement for a scientist but what else is new?

Also, this focus on eye color, skin color and skull shape is so lame. How about Africans have different sweat glands (that’s why they often smell bad to us) and no shiver reflex.

But hey, no reason to get all sciency about it.

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Most people are headed towards extinction in a generation or two so in reality they do not matter. Let them stick their heads in the sand as the forest burns down around them.

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