Don't Get Between AOC and

a camera, microphone, or smart phone.

Because damn it! AOC has nothing to say but she’s going to say it anyway.

They are a ridiculous bunch of losers.

Nancy has her hands full :rofl:

AOC is doing more for Republicans than Republicans.

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Who would have thought a new person in congress with virtually zero experience could consume so much media and social network time.

I don’t take issue with zero experience. We all start somewhere.

I think what most take issue with is her certainty that she is right, no matter what, in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

Or, to be more apt, she is a lunatic and she is a lot of fun to make fun of :wink:

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With zero experience one would think they would up the learning curve before stepping on the stage front and center. Pretty much speaks to the inexperience in life in general.

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Did she find a way to insert some sort of accent into that tweet while she was at it? :rofl:

Yeah - AOC has a better command of new media types than most. I don’t see anyone on the GOP side nearly as capable.

Try Trump…

He tweets…the media jumps!

You must have seen the IKEA/ wine moment.

ROTFLMAO. It was the best.

Poor little AOC.

Do you mean like the new person in the White House with virtually zero experience consuming so much media and social network time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Again … do you mean like the guy in the White House? :wink:

You too … do you mean like Trump? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You mean like the last president and his daily lectures to the American people???

I find it amusing how Trumps 4 people tweeting can keep the left and the media so off balance and unfocused.

Too bad she doesn’t have a brain in that horsey shaped head!


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