“ donnie he lost his"

A section 8 housing recipient living off the welfare who can’t lay off the caps! Stop feeding this retarded troll!

He’s someone’s son! Or trans daughter who needs help and damn it I’m gonna help her/him!

It’s Monte. Too many uses of the same words. “They” post right after the other more often than not. Monte is more subdued… Jackel let’s Monte say what he really wants to say.

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Montecrusty knows how to spell then again it could be on purpose to disguise his alter ego troll bot farm he works for.

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Monte has to be tired of getting his ass handed to him on there. Lol

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Maybe I’m wrong . If I am, I apologize to Monte. Some how, I don’t think I’m wrong. I’ve encountered this on other forums. If I am wrong, I also want to give a giant FUCK YOU! to Jackel.


HAHAHA you’re kind is such weak fuks…another brainless trumputin…and what’s worse a retrumpicon RED NECK. I’ve been told you’re on probation for molestation huh if not it would help you if you just prove it huh…

Red necks have a rich history of incest now do you know who your mother really his huh…I’m looking out for you…huh

Monti does just find…you’re the ass hole in the crowd… your RED NECK is really sticking out huh…
did you check to see if your sister isn’t really your mother huh You know I want the best for huh…
and if you have this really giant oversize head the medical establishment needs to know…I hear you had to enlarge your doorways to get your head through…that shows some good inginunity on your part…did you try some head reducers yet huh maybe the tooth ferriy can help huh

You’ve got it wrong again it’s MY approval rating is sky rocketing…trumputin is in the
swamp with the rest of the retrumpliCON party…I know you’ll happy for me helping
you to finally get it right …huh