Donations via Paypal?

Do you accept donations via Paypal? I don’t like putting my bank details on line.

I use Paypal as a payment method. I never had problems with it!

I quit PayPal over their politics. They will not allow any weapon related purchases and refuse donations to conservative websites/blogsites.
Patreon may be an alternative. I dunno.

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I’ve just tried again and did get thru to Paypal as I’ve done a hundred times before, but there’s no mention of the payee (Bullpen, obs), and unexpectedly there are options to invite a change in the method of payment, so I aborted. They might contact me to ask why I aborted (if it’s genuine), and if so I’ll find out what’s going on and hopefully start making donations. Call me ‘neurotic’ but until/unless I’m convinced I’ll be suspicious.

I don’t have the problem of paying for weapons? lol