Donations methods

I’d like to make occasional donations - do you have a Paypal account? I never allow my bank details to go to any other site, least of all Google and Facebook.

We use the Venmo service provided by PayPal. If you have PayPal then I think it’s just a matter of logging in through Venmo with your PayPal account. I don’t know if there is a PayPal account set up because you can register for Venmo without one. On Venmo, the official donation account is @PoliticalBullpen

I will ask @Patriot for additional details.

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Try and keep is simple because I’m not very bright.

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LOL - Venmo is about as easy as it gets!

Thanks for explaining this, I was wondering that myself.

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I know @Patriot opted for Venmo because it requests less information than PayPal does upon account creation and is very secure for mobile/smartphone-based transactions. He’s got the flu so I don’t want to bug him. :worried:

Dam! Here is hoping for his speedy recovery!

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That’s what happens when you go and run a marathon in the rain.

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I had never heard of Venmo until I rented my latest apartment and my landlord asked that I pay the rent with it. It’s simple. I use it to get my deadbeat friends to help cover the tab at the bar now too.

I’m a bit dyslexic though; but I make up for it by being highly intelligent. :sunglasses: :upside_down_face: