Donald Trump to Democrat Bitch 'Squad': 'Why Don’t They Go Back and Help Fix the Places From Which They Came

The cries of “dats rayciss”, “who dat”, and “stay in your own lane” will be deafening!

President Donald Trump taunted the Democrats’ so-called “Squad” — the four far-left first-term representatives — on Sunday morning, telling them to go back and fix the places they came from before telling the rest of the country what to do.

He tweeted:


You gotta love Trump. He does say what a lot of people are thinking and just comes right out with it.

The thing is, he isn’t wrong.

They are trying to stir up their base and he just showed them to be “empty suits” that they are.


LOL! Holy shit - I didn’t think these were real at first. Absolute madman. He’s absolutely right though. That fat Muslim and that Ethiopian stick figure jihadi are working against the interests of America. Then there is AOC who is just plain retarded.


Trump is a master at trolling, and I love it!


AOC = “asshole of congress”

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That’s all they have anymore and less and less people are buying it. The very fringe elements of the left are the only ones who actually believe that everyone and everything is racist. They just happen to be the absolute loudest and in control of big tech so their thoughts and views seem more amplified than they really are.


They are so used to spreading B.S. and getting away with it; I can’t imagine the sputtering they are doing right now trying to find a way to recover from being chopped off at the knees. :rofl:


Very true. Wasn’t it made clear by a democrat the other day that AOC has Twitter but no support (maybe two or three people) amongst her peers in congress?

That just made my morning. Absolute gold!


This isn’t racist, but if it was, that would be ok too.


People are so mad about these tweets! It’s friggin hysterical! Trump is so right though. If you don’t love it, leave it.

Deport all those female dog congresswomen…send them back where they came from! All of them. Revoke their American citizenship!


What a moron Trump is. Neverminding the fact that three of the four were born in America. He has no authority to order anybody out.

Please post his quote where he was “ordering them out”


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Yep, that’s your CIC…:rofl:

No shit he isn’t ordering.

He is just pointing out the vacuousness of their philosophy after having the experience of breaking the one they originated from. It would be far more noble of them to improve the worst government than berate the best one.

Trump Gold.



Let’s just send them back. While we’re at it, let’s barge our malcontent negro population over to Wakanda.

If Trump upheld his primary campaign promise of closing the borders and doing something about the criminal alien population, it would be fun to hear him talk trash to Democrat scum.

As it is, though, it just sounds lame and pathetic, like a fat, drunken old lout shouting about how tough he is.

No, it wasn’t an Executive Order, but he did tell them to go back to the countries that they originate from…They originate from the US (save Omar raised here) which is what makes him a moron…:wink: