Donald Trump Jr tweet

How can you trust justice and law enforcement in any (western) country if this is taking place and media not covering it.
I personally don’t think Cruz is a great guy, but he has a point.

Who cares?

BTW, you are not American, so why do you care about our politics and affairs?

What a silly comment.
What happens in America affects the entire world.

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It’s not silly, it’s a simple question as to ask about your motives for posting such a thread. As if what Don Jr. tweets is going to affect what the rest of the world thinks! On that premise alone your reasoning and retort is extremely ignorant and silly!

You’re more interested in personal vendettas and never want to dig deep in various issues because you’re just an attention whore.

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Oh yeah that must be it (sarcasm) that is such a lame excuse one in which is overused by you so many times like Monte you like talking out of your ass! The truth is your thread topic is retarded and you can’t admit it nor see the logic in why. Much like most of your OP’s which is why not a lot of people respond to them. I am Guessing not a lot will respond to this one either because no one gives a shit! But hey you are the one equating Don Jr’s tweets as important news for the rest of the world to know right? How retarded is that?

It’s got the attention of Bar. This will be in Durham’s report and IMO be a big deal. People will be prosecuted for this (at least I hope so).

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Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Btw, this attorney that know ones heard of will most likely be prosecuted.

It’s kind of like with all the evidence the prosecution had on OJS, why was it necessary to plant evidence and fuck it up…