Donald Trump Angry Rambling Interview on 60 Minutes

I just watched it, and why on earth Trump would want it out there early …I have no idea. It made him look really bad. He came across as an angry, petulant asshole. As usual.

Any thoughts from anyone else who saw it?

Oh - and I fully expect the MAGAts to swarm this thread and make excuses for the Russian plant in the WH.


He’s insane—not processing what he sees and feels around him like we would. He’ll never see it. This is bad fiction that’s become real.


I really think this 60 minutes interview showed Trump’s dementia. He’s so childlike now-- afraid and plaintive. His motormouthing is to cover up that he doesn’t really know what’s going on around him anymore.

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Yeah, it was clear he had nothin’. Couldn’t come up with a rationale for a second term that wasn’t total malarkey. And he acted like a toddler throwing a tantrum when Leslie Stahl demanded just a baseline of respect for the audience’s intelligence in his answers.

Biden, by contrast, was great. Answered tough questions, clear in his thinking. Sober minded and compassionate. Everything you’d want in a President.

I think Trump’s gambit was this - release the interview early in bad audio (you could barely hear Leslie Stahl’s questions and couldn’t see her), trust that his supporters will both 1) get a charge out if him “owning” the “fake news” media and 2) not watch more than two minutes of his leaked video, and hope that the early leak drives down interest in the actual airing of the interview.

This way, he made the story his “leaking” of the interview and violating his agreement with 60 minutes, not how awful and unmoored from reality his answers were.

A better question why would trump or anyone in their right mind agree to speak with anon from the leftist media???

As a side note people could say FUCK BIDEN but he would probably enjoy it!!!

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Four circle-jerk dickheads in a row with their heads so far up their ass they don’t know what’s going on around them.

Democrats are the party of infanticide, socialism, government control, smashing Free Speech rights, giving free stuff to illegal aliens, and now they are the party of mobs in the streets burning and destroying cities. See the burning cities and torn down statues, and you see the democrat party world. Mobs.

Republicans are the party of Traditional Values, Liberty and freedom. Donald Trump gave us the lowest unemployment rates since John F Kennedy until the virus hit, and now Democrats are trying to keep the virus going because they are so evil they are happy to destroy the economy simply to defeat Trump. That’s right. Masks and continued shutdowns are a joke, based totally on fear. There is a 0.04 death rate for Corona. People have more chance of dying from the Flu.

A totalitarian socialist state of mobs is what the Democrats offer, and liberty and freedom and jobs-not-mobs is what Trump offers.

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Aww sweetie are you mad that we don’t like your orange emperor?

WTF !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Joe can’t remember where the fuck he is 99% of the time ! Joe Doesn’t know his sister from his wife , what the hell he is running for and believes there is a second Joe Biden running against him ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
This dope make a dummy look like Einstein .
Is this REALLY the best the dummycrats have to offer America ?


I think people work too hard to see Trump’s actions through their own lens. He doesn’t live in our reality. People with his kind of personality defect (Cluster B disorders) simply create their own reality. In his world, walking out of that interview owned Stahl. There was nothing negative about it. He will never see it different. He will never have an awakening. He will never have some sort of come to his senses moment. All the people that want to be part of his life continually hope that will happen. One day he’ll show up and be the person/husband/dad they always hoped he would be. It will never happen and ending that sort of abusive relationship with him comes with getting your head around that and giving up hope. Sometimes that can take a life time.

Are you some kind of fåggot? Keep your fåggot bitch ass comments away from me you little bitch.

All the punkass bitch Leftists aren out today crying and pissing and moaning. Trump is a great American, and these little whining Democrat worms are jealous because they have never done a worthwhile thing in their entire pathetic lives.

More proof that Trump supporters are nothing more than homophobes, racists, and bigots.

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Four circle-jerk dickheads in a row

I think this is most likely the or close to the case. I assume his campaign spent nothing or very little boosting this story and Trump got to show his base that he’s fighting against the boogeyman.

Keep the enthusiasm up over his tilting towards the windmills of media aggression while also attempting to preemptively expose whatever conspiracy theories he wanted to rant about that might get cut in the final broadcast.

Apparently you are too stupid to know what a “phobia” is. A “phobia” is a clinical fear, like fear of heights, fear of closed spaces, etc. I have no fear of homosexuals. I call them out for the sick perverts they are. It is coward bitchess like YOU who have the fear, fear of the TRUTH.

Sorry. You are the party of the KKK and slavery. We freed the slaves you half-witted idiot.

Well, I AM bigoted against stupidity, which is why I hate your bitch ass.

You don’t “think” at all. That’s your problem. You haven’t had one intelligent thought in your entire life.

Will you wet your panties should trump win???

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The really hilarious part is the MSM not to mention social media and the left have given Trump Millions in free advertising.


You gender bending, basement dwellers don’t know shit about Trump . You are in love with a dummy afflicted with dementia and 47 years of lies . Biden can barely speak without help and you dopes made him your fucking hero . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Who in the hell would want to ? Your reality is bizarro world time 4 . :clown_face: