Don Lemon: I’m under Attack by Trump Forces

Editor’s Note: It should be noted this surname is pronounced Leh Monn by Tucker Carlson, not lemon as in the citrus fruit; for purposes of accuracy and solidarity I believe everyone on the right side of history should say Leh Monn.

Don Lemon has come out to say he has been inundated with junk mail and harassed in Central Park because he has ‘spoken troof ta powah’ in regards to President Trump. He also said his colleague April Ryen has had to hire bodyguards since her objectionable comments about the President.

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Have a dose of reality, Don!

Nobody really likes you!

Poor little Lemon, he just cant’ handle it when the tables are turned and people speak the truth to and about him.

“Help! I have fallen and I can’t get up!”

Don LayMon is a lying sack of sh*t

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No doubt about it…lying is stressful and will age you faster.

" I’m 10 years older than when he rode down the escalator in July 2015,” Lemon added,


Yep, the new America, exercise your constitutional rights and risk being subjected to violence.

Typical Trumpian playbook, personal insults and disrespect. :man_shrugging:

You are lying d-bag, what did you expect?

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You mean Trump supporters are threatening violence because their god man gets criticized??? :flushed:

How does this guy even have a job? All he does is play the victim and act outraged. Big surprise, right? CNN needs to seriously rethink their business model because now that the sham Mueller investigation is over they’ve got nothing.

But you were OK with Maxine Water’s call to harass her political enemies?




  1. subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation.

synonyms: pester, badger, hound, harry, plague, torment, bedevil, persecute, bother, annoy, exasperate, worry, disturb, trouble, agitate, provoke, vex; More

  • make repeated small-scale attacks on (an enemy).

synonyms: harry, attack repeatedly, raid, press hard, beleaguer, set upon, assail, maraud, ravage, oppress

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Probably because of his shows ratings.

He’s a hired mouthpiece for the calculated daily propaganda his corporate masters want him to espouse. He’s well paid to act the part so he’s playing the victimology game.
Now he realizes that not everyone buys the indoctrination he pushes like a used car salesman so it can’t be the products fault and it can’t be his “excellent” communication skills so it must be obviously his detractors fault.
Maybe, to up his game, he’s asking for a raise from CNN while the corporation is firing people left and right, mostly right.
These talking heads on teevee are just TelePrompTor readers. Maybe it’s time for CNN to replace them all with CGI NPCs. The message would be clearer then.

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Shut up stupid :point_up: :fu:

LOL! His ratings are in the toilet ya 'dope.

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Boo hoo, poor little victim!

It’s just incredible how these fraudsters can cause themselves all these problems by being abjectly abysmal human beings, and then blame everybody but themselves for their circumstances!

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Not only are her dimwitted supporters okay with her calling for them to harass the winning party, they’re okay when it’s actually done.

Quite understandably, Maxine Waters leads a horde of complete idiots.

These stories concerning “woe is me” written by the monsters of our society actively seeking to destroy it is very bizarre. It was interesting that he admitted he might quit soon because of all the mail from people calling him out. It shows getting involved, even small things like sending snail mail to Don Lemon telling him how big of a disgusting liar he is, is EFFECTIVE. Getting involved is effective. Obviously don’t threaten or anything. All you need is the truth and the spine to stick up for yourself, your family, your community, etc. Good on the mailers for telling him what a disgusting immoral liar he is.

I actually think Don Lemon knows what he’s doing is crooked. A lot of these people do. And he’s not ■■■■■■■ so he has a conscious. Which makes telling him off effective. It gets to him.