Don Lemon and the mad, mad media

Don Lemon, the CNN Village Idiot commented that he would refuse to shake hands with President Donald Trump.

What makes Don Lemon assume that President Trump would ever offer his hand to a such a worthless turd?

This is just one of many examples of the MSM using the funeral of GHWB to attack President Trump. To politicize the funeral at all is a cowardly act.

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What made Don Lemon think he would ever get close enough to shake President Trump’s Hand in the first place. The guy is a racist he doesn’t like truth.

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He criticized President Trump for even attending the funeral…after he was invited by President George W. Bush, the son of the honoree. Had President Trump not attended, the flame throwers would still have come out.

Don Lemon is a frickin’ idiot. Being a dyed-in-the-wool racist, he is likely miffed that his mentor, Obama was denied the aisle seat.

President George W. Bush was (I think) obligated to go all the way down the line of attending past Presidents and shake their hands…President Trump was not. He did shake hands with Obama and Michelle, as did Melania, but he skipped Bill and Hillary, making less of a show of his entry.

The dickhead media made a lot of that behavior also. Had he gone down the line shaking hands, he would likely have been accused seeking camera time.

Perhaps if Obama dies before Trump, Trump will not be invited to Obama’s funeral and will then be vilified for not attending…or he might be invited then vilified for attending. Either way, he will be vilified.

In what fantasy world would some useless, irrelevant, Oreo cookie twink like Don Lemon be invited to a President’s funeral?

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