DOJ Issues National Red Flag Gun Confiscation Center

Just in case you missed it, the DOJ just instituted a national red flag gun confiscation center.

Another set of “laws” that wont be enforced equally.

I think they will use the illegal “newcomers”, arm them and send them to collect American’s firearms.

Its already becoming a hot debated topic and will likely go to the Supreme court. This judge in this particular case needs to be removed if for no other reason for being a moron and a Soros appointee.

I am glad I am not the only one who thought of that! My mother said the same and thought I was losing my mind, now I know I am not!

Keep your powder dry!


I was going to comment similar but you beat me to it. If they let illegals get guns, America will definitely see some kind of armed conflict that will require a divorce of some kind. That is crazy just to contemplate that scenario.


The SCOTUS will be busy this summer and this is one that has the most weight!

Yep , screwing every conservative just like the FBI , CIA , IRS , DOJ , ETC. SC is a totally one-side political machine that destroys the USA !


We are headed in that direction I think. The Illegals will def have a huge influence in the outcome in the future.

Too far gone at this point to save any of those institutions.

They are not worth saving , get rid of 98% of each institution and rebuild each .

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