DOJ Files a Devastating Brief Exposing Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Inquiry Scam

About freaking time! Friends, this is just the beginning of much bigger things to come, this is a very big deal and mark this point in time a reference as to identifying the catalyst. Washington is running pretty scared these days, and so they should be.

This whole impeachment facade is collapsing before it even began.

Let’s hope so. If Nadler gets away with this, it opens the door for every single House majority to target and handicap a sitting president based on nothing more than supposition and suspicion.

You mean Trump’s personal defense team filed a brief defending their client.

Are you for real? Nadler needs to be curbed. He is a bloated, delusional, and pretentious fool. Without articles of impeachment his antics are nothing more than a legal farce. Fishing for crimes is a blatant overreach and downright anti-American. The DoJ MUST stop this circus and Democrats like you need to wake up and walk off the plantation.

Ummm…no. Barr’s interfering with Nadler’s credible attempt at a lawful impeachment inquiry. Stop watching Faux News, sweetie.

Go save your hairy arm pits, as usual you are delusional!

Ahh so you can’t prove me wrong and neither can your little Faux News girlfriend. All you have is typical right wing personal attacks. Why don’t you try using facts and logic next time? I know that’s of limited supply in the Trump trailer parks across America but why don’t you see if you can go scrounge some up. Wal-Mart might be the place - look where the guns used to be :rofl:

I already did! You are just too stupid and too much of an ideologue to have any objectivity to the see the truth! Its the reason Dumb ass bitches like you can’t have nice things!

Or simply because they are the opposing party and won’t play ball with them.

Wait. Just wait. Once all of the illegal activities come out into light your precious party elites are going to be out on their own swinging in the wind.

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